Angel Commander to Lucifer

This unnamed angel was the commander of a group of angels, all of whom resided in the Apocalypse World.


When this angel detected the stench of a creature from Hell, he traced down the location and discovered Mary Winchester and Lucifer. Lucifer jokingly assumed the angel was searching for Mary, but the angel shot back at him with "False!" and demanded to know who Lucifer was.

Lucifer introduced himself, but the angel did not believe he was really Lucifer since the Archangel Michael had defeated Lucifer some time ago. He then ordered Lucifer to "freeze" as he and his men prepared to smite Lucifer on his command.

Before they could attack, Lucifer snapped his fingers and caused all of the angels to explode into dust.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a common angel with wings, the Angel Commander was fairly powerful, but was no match for an archangel.

  • Smiting - He was able to smite like all common angels.
  • Flight - The angel commander could land on earth, doing to damage to the spot where he landed to the effect of a meteor.
  • Clairsentience- He could sense that Lucifer had been in Hell, although he was unable to detect that Lucifer was who he said he was.



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