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I-I can't. This warding is too strong.
Castiel talking about the Angel Blocking Sigil
in Beat the Devil

The Angel Blocking Sigil is a sigil that blocks angels from entering a certain area. It does not affect archangels.


In The Bad Place, Dean uses this sigil to keep a group of angels at bay.

In the episode Beat the Devil, Castiel is prevented from going further due to the sigils. The archangel Gabriel destroys the sigils so the group can continue on.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Angelic Blocking - This sigil can prevent angels and seraphim from entering certain areas.


  • Higher Angels - Higher angels, such as archangels, are immune to and can destroy angel blocking sigils.[1]
  • Angel Barrier Removal Ritual - A group of angels can melt away the ward with their angel sword tips on the ground, and simultaneously slamming the ground with their powers repeatedly and in unison.


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