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Andy was a hotel receptionist.


Andy worked as a hotel receptionist in Rock River, Wyoming. At one point, he was killed by a witch and resurrected as a twigs doll. While the corpse of the real Andy was locked away, the imposter Andy resumed his work as if nothing ever happened.

He answers the bell when Tasha Banes comes to stay at his hotel. He gives her a room, and show signs of liking Tasha.

Once Tasha's son Max realizes Tasha had also been replaced by a fake soon after arriving at the hotel, he uses a spell to force the imposter Tasha to reveal her true nature. This alerts the witch, and with a snap of her fingers, she sends imposters Andy and Rick Walsh to attack Max and his friends.

Andy confronts Sam Winchester and Max's sister, Alicia Banes. While Alicia desperately tries to wake up the fake Tasha who had collapsed as a result of Max's spell, Andy fights Sam. Being a twigs doll, imposter Andy does not feel any pain and easily snaps broken limps back into place. He soon overpowers Sam and starts choking him.

Alicia saves Sam by knocking Andy off of him. However, Alicia is overjoyed to see imposter Tasha awake (still believing it's her real mother) and gets stabbed for it. With Alicia dying on the floor, both Andy and Tasha approach Sam.

Fortunately, Dean Winchester kills the witch just in time, causing both imposters to dissolve back into their true form, a pile of twigs and twine.