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So let me get this straight. You want us to follow you through a magic door that's gonna blast us the hell out of here and into some kind of fairy tale world where everything's pretty? (...) Nobody here is running out on our buddies, running out on the fight.
— Andy expresses disbelief at the plan.
in Exodus

Andy was a high-ranking member of the resistance in Apocalypse World.


At some point, Andy joined the resistance against Michael and his angels in Apocalypse World. He rose to become a high-ranking member of the resistance and was acquainted with Mary Winchester.

When Sam and Dean Winchester arrived in Apocalypse World and suggested an exodus to the Main Universe, Andy took part in the meeting along with the other high-ranking resistance members. Andy was vocally dubious of the idea, particularly as he didn't like the idea of leaving everyone else behind to fight and die. The Winchesters made a pitch to the resistance leaders about how they possessed the greatest store of lore and weapons in their world and what they had could enable them to find a way to beat Michael, come up with a better plan and liberate Apocalypse World. Andy agreed to bring the idea before their people and put it to a vote and left the tent as Bobby brought disturbing news.

After the Winchesters returned from their successful rescue mission, Andy stood at Bobby's side when he congratulated the Winchesters and gave them the results of the vote: every single person voted to go with the plan, including Andy despite his dubious attitude when it was laid out to him. After the announcement, Andy embraces another of the resistance fighters in celebration.

At the rift, Andy stood guard with two other hunters as everyone went through. After most everyone was through, Michael suddenly flew in and caused a large explosion near the hunters when he landed. The explosion sent Andy and the other two hunters flying, killing them instantly. Andy's body and the other two men's lay on the ground with Gabriel's deceased vessel as Michael and Lucifer made a deal to reach the Main Universe.


Andy was shown to be a hardened survivor of the Apocalypse, determined to free his world and unwilling to leave his buddies behind. He was dubious at the idea of another, better world and going there as it would mean abandoning the fight and somewhat untrusting of Sam and Dean Winchester as he didn't know them. However, despite his doubts and vocal arguments against the plan, Andy ultimately voted in favor of in it, having been convinced by the Winchesters argument and the promise of safety and a place for his people to regroup and better plan their next move.