Andrew Silver was a high school teacher killed in a car accident that came back as a vengeful spirit for revenge on the people that caused the accident.


Andrew was a 29-year-old high school teacher married to his wife Corey for less than a year when four college students, Billy, Julie, Kyle and Delilah caused him to crash into a telephone pole due to their texting while driving. Andrew survived the crash, but a power line landed on his car and set it on fire, burning him alive and killing him. Not wanting to get arrested for a DUI, Billy convinced the other three not to call the police and leave the scene of the accident. The police believed Andrew to have been killed on impact and he was cremated.

Following his death, Andrew's spirit entered a nearby WiFi tower through the power line that landed on his car and he entered the Internet. Andrew communicated with his wife Corey using the Internet, but became obsessed with revenge and became a vengeful spirit. Using the navigation app Trini, Andrew made Billy drive to a bridge and then possessed his truck and drove him off of it. Next, Andrew sent threatening messages to Julie before strangling her with her own computer cord. While Kyle was listening to music, Andrew blasted it so loud that it liquefied Kyle's brains. However, by this point, Sam and Dean Winchester caught on to who he was and what he was doing and Dean tried to protect Delilah while Sam tried to figure out how put him to rest. Though Dean and Delilah barricaded themselves in a room where there was supposed to be no technology, Andrew entered through a cell phone that had been left in a couch cushion. Andrew tried to strangle Delilah while Dean fought to prevent it. Andrew ignored Dean's attempts to convince him to let go of his revenge and move on. As Andrew strangled Dean, Delilah and Sam connected him to Corey through FaceTime and she pleaded with him to let go and move on so he could have peace. Listening to his wife, Andrew let go of his revenge and moved on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Andrew was a fairly powerful ghost who possessed unusual abilities as he was trapped in the WiFi.

  • Invisibility - Andrew was invisible unless he so chose.
  • Ghost Possession - After entering Billy's truck through an app, Andrew possessed it and drove it off a bridge.
  • Electrokinesis - Andrew was able to enter and control any device connected to WiFi and use it to kill people. He was also able to send messages through the Internet while inside it.
  • Thermokinesis - Andrew's very presence caused the temperature to drop at times when he was nearby and angry.
  • Ectoplasm Secretion - Andrew was so powerful and angry that he left ectoplasm all over the seat of Billy Bass' truck.
  • Telekinesis - Andrew locked a room's door while still inside the Internet, was able to cause an internet cord to strangle a person and made it impossible to open the door to stop Dean and Delilah escaping.
  • EVP - Andrew was able to call Kyle and play a message saying "what time is it?"
  • Super Strength - Andrew was easily able to throw Dean across a room, and through a door and strangle both Dean and Delilah.
  • Teleportation - Andrew was able to appear and disappear over a short distance at will, he used this to ambush Dean Winchester after he threw him.


  • When discussing Andrew's death, the Winchesters state that Delilah said he died of electrocution. However, in the flashback seen moments before, while Andrew's car does get electrocuted, he survives that and dies in the fire the sparking wire caused.


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