...I've been practicing, training my brain. Like meditation, right. So now it's not just thoughts I can beam out, but images, too, like anything I want. It's like bam - people they see it. This one guy I know, total dick. I use it on him... gay porn. All hours of the day. It's just like, you should've seen the look on his face.
— Andy to Sam, Jake, Ava and Lily

Andrew "Andy" Gallagher was one of the Special Children who had the psychic power of mind control and through training and meditation developed the ability of mental projection.

Early lifeEdit

Andy's mother Holly Beckett was pregnant with him and his twin brother at the age of 18, but gave them up and they both were adopted by different families. Andy's adopted mother was murdered by the demon Azazel above Andy's crib when he was six months old, but Webber's adopted mother was not.

Adulthood Edit

Andy lived in a van as an adult.

Season 2Edit

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In Simon Said, after Sam has a vision, Ash helps him track down the vision's location. Sam finds Andy, whose mother was also killed in a nursery fire. Andy uses his power to get Dean to give him the Impala, and later to get Dean to speak truthfully about what he and Sam are doing.

Sam and Dean suspect Andy has been killing people using his psychic powers, but when they search Andy's van they find nothing to suggest he is the killer. A woman is killed when Sam is with Andy. The woman turns out to be Andy's birth mother and further investigation reveals Andy has a twin, Ansem.

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Ansem tracked Andy down, and admits to having killed people important to Andy. He is about to kill Tracey when Sam and Andy confront him. Just as Ansem is about to make Dean shoot himself, Andy kills Ansem.

Andy discovered in cold oak

Andy is discovered in Cold Oak by Sam

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, Andy is one of the people brought to Cold Oak, South Dakota by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Andy reveals he has developed his powers so he can beam images into people's minds, including transmitting gay porn into the mind of a guy he didn't like. Andy is able to transmit images to alert Dean to their whereabouts.

He and Sam discover fellow captive Ava Wilson locked in a town woodshed which they pry the lock off and the three are approached by Jake and Lily who make their way around to them.

Andy is informed along with Ava, Jake and Lily by Sam that they have been placed in a town called Cold Oak in South Dakota, one of the state's most infamous haunted towns which all the residents fled from and their captor and the one who placed them there is a demon.

Andy produces salt

Andy produces salt

Andy, unlike Jake, Lily and Ava does not knock back the notion of a demon being responsible for their abduction and placement but like the others struggles to register the information.

He tries to alleviate the tense mood created by Jake with the humorous side of his abilities but only makes the situation awkward and was shunned by an angry Lily who tells how she would rather have an ability like his, Sam or Ava's rather than one which causes any living thing she touches to enter cardiac arrest.

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Andy dies.

Andy, along with Ava and Lily come to later witness Jake being attacked by an Acheri demon and Sam's temporary vanquishing of it. Andy then comes to the local town bar with Jake, Sam, Ava and Lily but fails like the others to notice Lily slip away. He produces bags of salt which the group then apply to the doorways and window sills.

He then accompanies the group outside after noticing Lily's absence and a strange laugh and hanging sound. To his shock along with everyone else's, Lily has been lynched from the town windmill. Come nightfall, he, Sam and Jake begin a search for the missing Ava and upon returning to the bar by himself he discovers Ava who creates a line gap on one of the window sills' salt barriers.

She then conjures the Acheri demon, revealing herself as the orchestrator of Lily's death. The Acheri demon then proceeds to render Andy to the ground and claw away at his chest, killing him. His body was then discovered by Sam.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Andy is a Special Child like Sam who gained his powers through Azazel dripping his blood into Andy's mouth as a baby, though he later developed his powers further through training himself and meditation.

  • Mind Control - Andy can control people's minds, actions, and behavior with his words, but later learned to do so telepathically.
  • Clairsentience (after training) - Andy learned to locate people from a large distance while being in possession of something his target owned or touched to project his mind to them, as he did to give Dean visions of where he and Sam were.
  • Mental Projection (after training) - Andy was able to project thoughts and images to others, like sending Dean an image of where Sam was, which caused him a painful headache due to the distance at which he was projecting from.



  • Andy's adopted mother (unnamed) was killed by Azazel on 12-30-1983.
  • Andy, like his twin, has the power of mind control. However, unlike Ansem Weems (Webber), he has apparently used this power only for minor personal gain and not to harm anyone.
  • Andy smokes weed, as evidenced by the large bong Dean finds in his van in "Simon Said". In "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One", when Sam asks him what he remembered before finding himself in Cold Oak, he says his "fourth bong load".
  • Andy has a reduced role in Supernatural: The Animation. He does not appear until "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1" and his powers are limited to telepathy.

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Andy - Andrew's anime counterpart.

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