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Andrea Kormos was Benny's former lover and The Old Man's second in command.



Andrea Kormos was a Greek heiress, whose yacht was attacked by vampirates. Benny was supposed to kill her, but he instead joined her and they became lovers, even though he revealed his true identity to her. They settled in Louisiana where Benny began to drink blood from blood bank sachets. However they were tracked down by The Old Man. Benny loved her more than anything, even enough to turn against his maker, The Old Man, who he worshipped as a God. Before The Old Man killed him, Benny saw the ancient vampire tearing her throat out, although he actually turned her into a Vampire. Of note, Kormos translates to "does not see."

Season 8[]

Upon Benny's return from Purgatory, she was still serving The Old Man in his house. Andrea is his second-in-command, but seems to hate The Old Man secretly, giving Benny a knife to use to kill him and the keys to his handcuffs so he can escape. After killing The Old Man, Benny tried getting her to leave with him saying they could go anywhere, but she instead wanted them to run the pirate operation together. Benny, realizing that the woman he loved died a long time ago, refused, so she tried to attack him but was killed by hunter Dean Winchester, who was standing right behind her unnoticed, while Benny and Andrea talked. Benny was left heartbroken and distraught by the experience.