Andrea's knife is a clasp knife that belonged to the vampire Andrea Kormos.


At an unknown point, this knife came into the possession of vampire Andrea Kormos.

In 2012, after Benny Lafitte was resurrected by hunter Dean Winchester, he came to Prentiss Island to destroy the vampirates and get revenge upon The Old Man for his murder and Andrea's perceived murder. After Benny is captured, Andrea hands him the keys to his handcuffs and her knife so that he can kill The Old Man.

After killing Sorento, Benny turns on The Old Man who refuses to fight back. Promising to show The Old Man "a whole, new, world", Benny draws Andrea's knife and uses it to kill him.

Returning to the main room, Benny lays the bloody knife upon The Old Man's harpsicord before Andrea and declares that "The Old Man is dead." The knife is last seen laying upon the harpsicord and it is unknown what happens to it afterwards as Andrea is killed moments later by Dean.


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