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I was a so-so angel; but turns out, I am an excellent businesswoman.
Anael to Lucifer
in Devil's Bargain

Anael is an angel possessing Sister Jo, a well-known faith healer. In exchange for healing Jo's husband, she allowed Anael to possess her. She was the former soul-counter of Heaven before the Fall of the Angels. Anael later became Lucifer's second-in-command while he briefly ruled Heaven. She is one of the few angels left in existence.



Anael was once a low ranking angel who acted as the apprentice to Joshua. However, after visiting Earth, she became disillusioned due to Heaven's lack of action, she left Joshua's apprenticeship and became the soul counter in Heaven. According to herself, she had many ideas for the souls but they were rejected by her superiors and she was forced to continue her work.

Due to the Fall of the Angels, she was expelled from Heaven along with many of her brethren. Unlike many angels, Anael saw this as a chance to start a new life for herself since she could think for herself now. Anael approached a human woman named Sister Jo, she offered to heal the latter's dying husband if Jo gave her consent to possess her body. Jo accepted and Anael kept her word by healing her husband.

Anael then became a skilled business woman by acting as a faith healer and using her powers to cure those with injuries and defects for a price.

Season 13[]

In Devil's Bargain, Anael is first seen healing several people as she is spied on by Lucifer who recognizes her as an angel and decides to steal her grace to fuel himself. Lucifer acted on his plan by approaching Anael and calling her out on being an angel as she recognizes who he is.

When Lucifer threatens her, she makes him a deal by routinely giving her time to refuel her grace after he takes some from her and promised to help him in his endeavors. Enticed by her offer after hearing her past, Lucifer agrees and takes a little of her grace before healing her wound.

Unfortunately, Sam, Dean and Castiel track him down and find the room he is staying in with Anael. Before Dean can bind Lucifer with handcuffs, Anael attacks Sam while Lucifer attacks Castiel and Dean. With the three lying on the ground, Anael urges Lucifer to flee immediately but Lucifer decides to try and suffocate the Winchesters instead. However, he is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Arthur Ketch, who throws a bomb at him. Lucifer and Anael successfully escape and meet with Duma near the Heavenly Portal. Anael is questioned by Lucifer as to why she aided him and she explains because of her earlier promise. Anael is with Lucifer when he decided to become the Ruler of Heaven again, she speaks up but is told by Duma to be silent though Lucifer defends her. She watches as Lucifer convinces Duma and the other angels that he has learned how to create angels by watching God do it. He also promises to restore the wings of the remaining angels.

Anael is present when the angels accept Lucifer's terms and he is sitting on his throne in Heaven.

In Bring 'em Back Alive, Anael confronts Lucifer in the throne room about his unwillingness to improve things and to take his new responsibilities seriously. They are interrupted by Duma who enter into the throne room. Lucifer asks her if like him she think, that instead of complaining, Anael should be grateful for her new status as First Lady of Heaven and do her job, which is to make Lucifer happy. Duma respond that couple issues are not her area of expertise, before telling Lucifer that the angels have scanned Earth to find Jack as ordered by their new king but so far have found no signs of the Nephilim. Under the worried look of Anael, Lucifer tell Duma that finding Jack is Heaven priority, threatening the angel when she tell him that they have not enough manpower.

Later, after Lucifer unsuccessfully tried to fulfill his obligations, Anael listens to him as he once again whines about how God painted him as the villain. Stating that both Humans and Angels are not worth his time, Lucifer then tells Anael that from now on his only focus will be finding Jack. To a dubious Anael, he unveils his plan to recruit Jack to remake the world into his image and to make the humans worship him instead of his father. Anael tells him that he should instead rebuild Heaven and honor his promise to make more Angels, but Lucifer confesses that he lied and can't create new Angels. Angry, Anael berates Lucifer and tells him that he is a loser and a coward, with his rightful place being in his cage.

In a fit of rage, Lucifer strangles Anael, but ultimately spares her. She then leaves, telling Lucifer that they are over.

Season 14[]

Anael meets Alternate Michael

During Stranger in a Strange Land, Anael continues her business of healing others and while leaving the church meets someone. Though that person appeared to be a more formally-attired Dean WInchester, Anael, through her angelic vision, could tell at once that this was not the supernatural hunter before her. The person is Alternate Michael and Anael is shocked to see him in Dean's body. She questions why Dean gave his consent and is not impressed by the reason before speaking to Michael about her desire. Michael comments that she wants love and acceptance, he labels her want as human and pathetic. He states that he knows that there few angels left and thought he could help but if they are like her, then they are not worth saving either before he leaves her. Anael later calls Sam and says that they have big problems.

In Game Night, Castiel contacts Anael for help with contacting God about restoring Jack's soul. As the former apprentice to Joshua, Castiel believes that Anael will know how Joshua communicated with God and can help him, offering her a pair of lightly cursed earrings, something that wouldn't bother her as an angel, in exchange. Anael tells Casitel of a rumor that Joshua once placed a call to God after the Fall of the Angels that God answered and leads him to Methuselah who Joshua had been living with at the time. Anael helps Castiel search for what Joshua used and recognizes that Castiel is afraid to tell the Winchesters that Jack is completely soulless. Anael tells Castiel about her time as Joshua's apprentice and how she left due to becoming disillusioned with God doing nothing to help. As the two are about to give up, Castiel finds a replica of Dean's Amulet created by Joshua and realizes that its what they are looking for. Castiel prays for God's help through the amulet, but it doesn't work and Methuselah informs them that it didn't work for Joshua either. Castiel and Anael part ways with Anael declining Castiel's offer of a ride. Castiel tells Anael that he will now tell the Winchesters the truth about Jack's soul, knowing that there is no other choice.

Season 15[]

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Powers and Abilities[]

Anael possesses the standard powers of an angel but is rather weak due to her low ranking.

  • Angelic Possession - As an angel, Anael requires a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Anael will never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Anael is invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Healing - Under the alias of Sister Jo, Anael used her power as a healer; curing birth defects and terminal illnesses as well as healing the crippled, restoring sight to the blind, and clearing up scar tissue all with a touch. She was also able to heal her own cuts from Lucifer's feedings.
  • Super Strength - As an angel, she is stronger than humans, monsters and most demons. Being a lesser angel, her strength is weaker compared to most angels. However, she was able to single-handedly knock Sam into a wall with enough force to incapacitate him for a few moments.
  • Telepathy - Like all angels, Anael can tune in to angel radio as well as hear the prayers of anyone in the world. She was able to hear the prayer of her vessel when she called out for her husband as well as hear angel radio when they discovered the dead vessel of the Cupid Lucifer had slain.
  • Astral Perception - Even amidst a large congregation of people, Anael was able to recognize Lucifer's true face even within his vessel. She was also able to see alternate Michael's True Form within Dean Winchester as the Archangel's vessel.


Anael possesses the standard weaknesses of an angel. As a lower angel, she is far frailer than many angels.

  • Angel Blades - As an angel, Anael is vulnerable to angel blades.
  • Archangels - The archangel Lucifer, even while weakened, was able to overpower her and at one point, nearly strangled her to death one-handed in a moment of anger. She was also fearful in the presence of Alternate Michael.



  • Haniel (Hebrew: "Joy of God"), also known as Anael, Hanael or Aniel, is an angel in Jewish lore and angelology, and is often included in lists as being one of the seven archangels.
  • Prior to this angel's introduction, the name "Anael" was believed to be the original angel name of Anna Milton by Julie McNiven.[1]
  • Anael is shown to prefer to go by her vessel's name of Jo.
  • Anael is portrayed by Danneel Harris-Ackles, the wife of Jensen Ackles, the actor who portrayed Dean Winchester.

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