Amy Pond was an old friend of Sam's and a Kitsune. Her surname is unknown, as Pond was just an alias.


Early Life


Amy as a teenager.

Amy was traveling with her mother, when her mother took off and left her in a town. At a local library she met Sam, but she instantly turned him down. But when he saved her life, she took Sam home and treated his bruises. The two connected and shared a kiss. Then Amy's mother returned and Amy quickly hid Sam. Her mother came in telling Amy that two hunters (John and Dean) in an Impala were on her trail, and that they had to leave. Amy told her mom to go to the van and she would pack. Amy let Sam out of the closet and he revealed that he was a hunter, but he let her go. Then her mother grabbed Sam, but Amy saved him by stabbing her mother and killing her. She asked Sam to run away with her, but he refused. Sam told Amy to run and he took care of the body.

Season 7

Amy started killing when her young son fell ill. For years she had been working as a morgue worker so she could feed off dead brains. These killings however attracted the attention of Sam, who stopped her in a park. She managed to knock him unconscious, and quickly headed home. Sam followed her home, and demanded to know why she was killing. She told Sam she had a son and he needed the live food to save his life. Feeling sorry for her, Sam let her go. She quickly left with her son to a motel, where Dean tracked her down and stabbed her in the heart. After her death Dean threatened her son that if he started killing he'd kill him too, but her son swore revenge on Dean, saying that the only person he would kill would be Dean. Amy's death caused a rift between Sam and Dean after Sam learned of it later on.

Powers and Abilities

Amy was a fairly powerful monster possessing the powers of a kitsune.

  • Super Strength - She is stronger than humans, and was able to casually overpower Sam.
  • Super Speed - Amy was able to move at a much faster pace than humans, and relied on speed when she killed.
  • Shapeshifting - She was able to transform into her fox form, much like a werewolf.
  • Invulnerability - She could only be killed by being stabbed in the heart.



  • Her alias: Amy Pond, is a reference to the UK series Doctor Who, Amy Pond being the name of the Eleventh Doctor's first companion who was "The Girl Who Waited."
  • Amy is the first one of Sam's known lovers to die since Ruby in the season 4 finale, not including those who died while Sam was without a soul.
    • She is also the first non-human lover introduced since Ruby.
    • She is the second of Sam's known lovers to be killed by his brother Dean Winchester.
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