You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This unnamed kitsune was the mother of Amy Pond and grandmother to Jacob Pond.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Amy described her mother to be strict. She used to ill-treat Amy and did not allow her to make any friends, for the fear of being discovered. She expected to be obeyed, without any questions asked. She killed people and did not show any remorse. In stark contrast, Amy disliked killing anyone, just so she could live.

One day, Amy's mother came into the house carrying food for them for the night. She asked Amy to pack everything up because some hunters were hot on her trail. She was about to go to the closet where Sam was hiding, but Amy stopped her. Amy told her to fill the car with gas, and that she would pack. Amy's mother suspected foul play and came into the house to check on Amy. She caught Sam leaving and tried to kill him, but she was stabbed in the heart, from behind, by Amy.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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