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We're both expendable. [...] So sure, maybe we're not super important, but we do the job. You know, I think there's nobility in that.

Ambriel was an angel who was sent by Heaven to make sure Amara was killed by the mass-smiting. She teamed up with Castiel to check the nearby forest, but Castiel stayed behind. When Amara awakened she consumed Ambriel, her grace and her memories.


Ambriel had somewhat of an awkward personality. It was implied that this was one of her first times on Earth, as she didn't know what was strange about it being dark in the middle of the afternoon. She viewed herself as an expendable angel, which lowered her self-importance. Her talking about this "expendability" of herself seems to have impacted Castiel, as she said that he shares this condition of being little importance, but compared to the Winchesters (she says that, despite he helps them, they are the true heroes). This incisive opinion of her seems to have lead Castiel to think more about his role in the hunters' work, and, possibly, influenced the angel in the decision of allowing Lucifer to possess him.




  • In lore, Ambriel is an angel who is associated with the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May and surely never involved in birth and death of living beings.
  • Catholicism regards an angel as a pure spirit created by God and this angel inspires clear communication and is also considered to be an angel of general protection.
  • Ambriel is referred to in the Western Astrology work by Hart in Magical Calendar: Planetanum Sigilla.
  • Ambriel is also attributed to the Queen of Cups in the Tarot (according to Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn).
  • Ambriel is the only angel so far to have been consumed by The Darkness.
  • It is strange how Ambriel claims to be for the first time on Earth since previously all the angels had been expelled from Heaven by the Metatron's spell.