Amber was the child bride of the late Stanton.


Following the death of Bunny LaCroix, Bunny's relatives gathered at her estate to partake in the funeral. Upon completion, the family was approached by Sam and Dean Winchester. Amber was in the middle of watching her husband play pool, and though she cheered on him, Stanton blamed her for breaking his concentration.

After dinner, Amber and her drunk husband retreated to their room where Stanton accused Amber of sexting, something he was told by Beverly. Amber said she was texting her mother, though Stanton wasn't convinced, and said she was cheating on him. Amber called him paranoid, telling him he's just like Lance, Bunny's husband, who constantly accused Bunny of cheating too, though Stanton defended Lance by saying his sister was a hooker.

Offended that her husband would dare speak ill of the dead, Amber relocated to the bathroom and slammed the door in Stanton's face. When she finally exited the bathroom, she witnessed what appeared to be the ghost of Lance chopping Stanton's head off. She screamed in horror.

Unfortunately, neither Beverly nor Heddy believed her story and both accused her of infidelity. The sisters informed Sam and Dean that Amber wouldn't divorce Stan simply because she would gain nothing by breaking the marriage. However, Sam and Dean bought Amber's story of a vengeful spirit and investigated it. The maid Olivia convinced Dean that the butler Phillip had been covering up said haunting, so they investigated him, only to discover that neither Heddy nor Amber were right; their enemy was in fact a shapshifter.

To find the shapeshifter, the brothers tested each family member by having them touch silverware. Dean discovered Amber and Dash kissing inside a closet of the Billiard room. They swore they didn't kill Stan, and Dean believed them, once both touched the silver and proved themselves to be human.

After Detective Howard wound up dead, suspicion fell on Amber again, but Dash decided to admit that the two of them were in love, which did not help their cause. Things escalated when Dash pinned the blame on Sam and Dean and pointed a gun at them, much to Amber's discomfort, who couldn't figure out a motive for the brothers. Just then, Olivia revealed herself to be the killer, and that she intended to kill the entire family for their bad behaviors.

Olivia's plot was foiled when Dean shot her, multiple times, thus saving Amber's life.



  • According to Dash, Amber struggled to learn how to use WiFi.
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