Amanda Burns was a mentally unstable young woman and also a very powerful witch who unknowingly sold her soul to a demon in exchange for her magical powers.


At some point during her life, Amanda and her best friends Elizabeth, Renee, and Tammi formed a book club where they would have weekly get-togethers and share their opinions about authors and novels. Unaware that Tammi was being possessed by a demon, Renee and her friends unknowingly traded their souls to "Tammi" for power. Later, after getting involved with a married man named Paul Dutton, Amanda was devastated after Paul unexpectedly called off the affair, which caused Amanda to use her knowledge and powers against Paul and his wife. After attracting too much attention to herself, Amanda was later killed by Tammi (who was possessed by Astaroth). Her soul went to Hell.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting - With guidance from Astaroth, Amanda became a witch and learned to change and/or control events through the use of charms, hexes, rituals, etc.
    • Telekinesis- Amanda is able to move objects with her mind, as seen when she closed the door to Janet Dutton's bathroom, trapping her inside so that her husband Paul Dutton could not help her.
    • Electronic Manipulation - She was able to change the radio station in Paul's car, and even turning it on after he turned it off.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Magic - Despite being a talented witch, she was still susceptible to witchcraft, as Astaroth killed through a hex.

Equipment Edit

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