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Alton Morehead was an employee of the British Men of Letters.


Alton is a British Men of Letters operative assigned to work in America. According to Mick Davies, Alton is in charge of "weapons development, spell work, that sort of thing."

Alton is first seen at the British Men of Letters compound with fellow operatives Mick and Serena Colman, and three recently recruited hunters whom Mick introduce as Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, and Pierce Moncrieff.

Alton joins Serena in explaining Project V, an operation intent on wiping out all of America's vampires. Alton explains that although vampires appear to hunt alone or in small nests, they are all connected to one another, from the lowest drone all the way up the chain to the top, meaning the Alpha. They learn vampire secrets by spying on each nest, knowing that the vampires tend to trade information, as well as victims.

Their latest target, a nest at the More Rest Hotel is set to be killed by an AVD, which Alton explains is an Anti-Vamp Device. When asked if there are any questions about the operation, Sam regards Alton as one of the smart ones.

Trouble ensues when their targeted nest ends up attacking them at the compound. Sam manages to have one of the vampires captured and taken in for interrogation. As the other vampires surround the building, this vampire reveals that his father, the Alpha Vampire, told him and his nest where to find the compound. This horrifies the group, whose intel confirmed that the Alpha was far, far away, and has been for years.

Mick decides to use the Colt and Sam gives him the instructions on how to make the bullets, which the British Men of Letters did not know how to make themselves. While Sam, Mary and Pierce go deal with the vampires heading for the conference room, Alton helps Mick create the bullets. Suddenly, Pierce returns demanding entrance back in and Alton unlocks the door for him.

Alton asks Pierce what happened, and Pierce simply tells the trio that it's really bad outside. Just then, the Alpha Vampire himself appears behind Alton and stabs him through the chest using his claws, killing him.