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I don't like this universe, Sammy. We need to get out of this universe.

Alternate Earth or Alternate Reality was a mundane dimension featured in The French Mistake. It is an alternate reflection of the "real" Earth, with the exception that it is a banal universe where magic is almost unusable and supernatural beings do not exist. It is one of the multiple Alternate Universes shown in Supernatural. It was subsequently destroyed by God in his destruction of the multiverse, later, it was restored by Jack Kline.


Sam: As far as I can tell, monsters, ghosts, demons... they're all pretend.
Dean: So nobody's hunting them?
Sam: No hunters. (...) Maybe here there's no supernatural. No magic.
Dean: No demons, no Hell, no Heaven, no - no God?
Sam: Something like. Even better - no angels.
— Sam and Dean on the characteristics of this universe
in The French Mistake

Alternate Earth, in most appearances, is like that of Earth, but with key differences. Alternate Earth does not have most forms of magic in it. Likewise, objects of supernatural origins are also nonexistent. Supernatural beings, regardless of origin and alignment, are not normally found in it. Surprisingly, the goblet of blood still works in Alternate Earth. It is also implied by Virgil that humans in this universe have no spiritual essence and that there is no Heaven or Hell.

Its demographics consist mainly of ordinary fauna and flora. Certain humans in Earth do not exist on Alternate Earth, as Sam and Dean Winchester existed as different people in Alternate Earth.

Access and Location[]

This alternate reality could only be accessed by means of magic, specifically that of reality warping. A spell and a sigil are required to send any being to the Alternate Earth. Balthazar used salt, blood of lamb and a bone of a lesser saint for the ritual and the sigil. Any being that makes contact in the immediate vicinity of the sigil is then drawn into the alternate reality.

Escaping Alternate Earth is far more difficult, and could not be accomplished even with the same spell used to open a portal into it. Using an unknown method, the Archangel Raphael was able to reverse the spell and create a portal back into Earth.

So far, only angelic beings have shown the capability to send and retrieve beings from Alternate Earth.



Travelers (to here)[]



  • For reasons unknown, Sam and Dean replaced actual people from this universe when they arrived. It is unknown what happened to Jared and Jensen of this universe during that time.
  • As God was destroying other universes in Galaxy Brain, it is unknown if this world was destroyed.