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An alternate timeline which was a temporal paradox created unknowingly by Dean Winchester via him using the Baozhu which transported John Winchester from 2003 into 2019.

This timeline is very similar to the one featured in My Heart Will Go On as the Winchester brothers both had to fix a temporal paradox by setting history straight.

Major changes[]

  1. John Winchester was never killed by Azazel.
  2. Dean Winchester is still a wanted criminal with a lot of decapitations on his record.
  3. Sam Winchester never rejoined Dean with hunting and became a lawyer and is implied to have never married Jessica Moore or has gotten divorced.
  4. Zachariah was never killed by Dean.
  5. Castiel never became part of Team Free Will and remained loyal to Heaven.
  6. Mary Winchester never would have been resurrected by the Darkness.
    • The timeline was corrected before Mary could suffer the effects of the paradox.