Balthazar drawing the sigil to cast the spell.

The Alternate Reality spell was a powerful reality warping spell that banished beings to another reality. This spell was cast by Balthazar to send Sam and Dean into Alternate Earth.This was part of Castiel's plan to use the brothers as a decoy and throw off Raphael and Virgil from locating the true stash of Heaven's Weapons.


A sigil is required to send any being to the alternate Earth. Balthazar used salt, blood of lamb and a bone of a lesser saint for the ritual and the sigil. Any being that made contact or was forced to make contact with the sigil in the immediate vicinity of the sigil is then drawn into the alternate reality.



A reverse of the spell created by Raphael.

The spell could not be reversed simply by performing it again. It had to be performed in the original reality, and as it was Raphael who planned to draw Virgil out of alternate Earth, the reversal of the spell may require a more powerful being to cast it successfully. Raphael's reversal of the spell utilized the same sigil, although it glowed bright red before it drew Sam and Dean back into their original reality.


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