The Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual is a ritual to open a rift in space and time between realities. The spell is inscribed in the alternate reality Angel Tablet.


In 2017, under the orders of the Apocalypse World Michael, Prophet Kevin Tran located this ritual on his version of the Angel Tablet in order to open a rift to the Main Universe for Michael. After Kevin gathered all of the other ingredients and Michael forcefully extracted some of Lucifer's grace, Kevin performed the ritual and succeeded in opening a rift. Lucifer subsequently jumped through and the rift closed behind him, leading Kevin to realize that it was designed to let only one person through before the rift closed again.

Months later, after Mary Winchester and Jack's resistance found Michael's fortress empty aside from Kevin, Kevin claimed to have perfected the ritual. Kevin told the group that Michael could now use the ritual in a location where the walls between universes was thin to lead his armies through the resulting rift. However, Kevin's presence turned out to be part of a trap laid by Michael for Jack and subsequent events indicated that Kevin was lying about perfecting the ritual.


This spell required several ingredients: a pile of bones, dried herbs, some cuts of wood fungus, and a pinch of dark powder/grains. The most vital part of the spell is a portion of the grace from an archangel, which was taken from Lucifer. After all of the ingredients are mixed, the user recited an Enochian verse.

Mah ray, fah doh, em lah
Kah day, em lah!
Kah day, em lah!

After recitation, the rift will open immediately in the direction the caster points to with a blasting effect to its vicinity.


The rift that opened with this spell only can hold for one being to pass. After the being has passed through the rift, it will close immediately. It was later perfected by Kevin Tran to remove this limitation. However, this appeared to be a lie and part of Michael's trap for Jack as he required Lucifer giving him the Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual to have a way to open a rift between the worlds.



  • Unlike the Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual which uses something that has been to the world in question as a guide to open the right rift, it is unclear how this ritual is able to target the correct reality.
  • Kevin states that the ritual creates a synthetically-generated megaforce to open the rift and claims that no one has ever done it before.
  • In a deleted scene for War of the Worlds available on the Season 13 DVD, after Lucifer's escape, Kevin tells Michael that they don't have enough ingredients to try the spell again even without Michael donating his grace and that the ingredients are really hard to come by.

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