The Alternate Reality Rift Augmentation Spell is a spell from the Black Grimoire that can be used to briefly augment the power of a rift between universes by channeling power from the Black Grimoire itself to act as a power boost.


After accidentally blasting Lucifer through the rift to Apocalypse World, witch Rowena MacLeod began searching through the Black Grimoire for a way to keep the rift open without its power source. By the time the rift was about to close thirty-one hours later, Rowena managed to locate this spell which drew power from the Black Grimoire itself to act as a temporary power source. Rowena began performing the spell on the rift, keeping it open just long enough for the Winchesters, Jack and a number of people from Apocalypse World to make it through. The rift closed moments later, with Rowena struggling to keep it open with the spell at the end.

Later, Rowena told Sam that even with the spell, she couldn't have kept the rift open for even another five seconds.


The procedure for the spell is simple. The witch using the spell must place one hand on the Black Grimoire and aim another towards the open rift in question. The witch then recites the following incantation three times:

Koth Munto Nuntox

The spell will cause an almost-closed rift to expand back to its original size. However, the spell's effect is only temporary and the rift quickly begins to close again. By keeping one hand on the Black Grimorie and one aimed at the rift, the witch can extend the spell's effects with repetition of the incantation. However, the spell can only keep the rift open for a few minutes longer than the original time limit and the spell will lose effect and the rift will close.


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