An altar is a ceremonial structure. It is often used for performing rituals. Altars vary from each other, most notably in their appearance and use.

Known Dedicated Altars Edit


Daevas are ancient shadow demons. Although they are powerful, they are very hostile. Controlling them is difficult as it was shown even black eyed demons of considerable magical affinity such as Meg was betrayed by the Daevas once the altar was destroyed. Altars dedicated to these creatures contain several paraphernalia, and most importantly, an ancient Zoroastrian symbol that appears like the letter 'Z'. Use of these altars could be traced back to the pre-Christian era.

Jesus Christ Edit

Lucifer's voice

A Christian altar misused by the demon Azazel.

Christian worshipers use altars in their religious ceremonies such as celebrating mass. However, its intended use could be subverted as shown when the demon Azazel killed a nun on an altar built above Lucifer's Cage to communicate with the fallen archangel.

Reapers Edit


A dark altar dedicated to binding the reaper.

Reapers could be controlled by ancient powerful dark magic. The ritual is complex and requires an altar to feature candles, skulls, coptic crosses and a photograph of the reaper's next victim. Destroying the altar is detrimental but not completely capable of lifting the binding on the reaper.

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