Alphas stand as the fathers of their allotted species.

Powers and Abilities

As the creators of their specific species, each of them are astronomically more powerful because of literally being the first of their kind.

As well as this, they also possess several unique powers:

  • Telepathic Link - they possess a telepathic link to their children, allowing them to track or communicate with them over great distance, they can also learn knowledge their children possesses.
  • Enhanced Immunity - Alphas are more resistant to certain weapons that harm lesser members of their races.
  • Link to Eve - Although all monsters possess a link to Eve, the Alphas possess a stronger link.

Known Alphas

In the Show

6.02 - Two And A Half Men

The Alpha Shapeshifter appears before the Campbells to retrieve a baby Shapeshifter, it was immune to everything the Campbells had to throw at it and was able to defeat the Campbells easily.

6.05 - Live Free or Twihard

The Alpha Vampire showed all Vampires of the nest Dean was currently occupying a vision of his location so that his army could gather to him.

6.07 - Family Matters

The Alpha Vampire is kidnapped and taken by Samuel and Christian for interrogation, it reveals Samuel's motives of locating Purgatory. It seemed very interested in the fact that Sam had no soul. It escaped the Campbell's custody and snapped Christian's neck in a fight. It was about to turn Sam when Christian injected it with Dead Man's Blood, which weakened it. Three Demons then restrained The Alpha teleporting him away to Crowley's prison. Although snapping Christian's neck had no effect on the demon that was currently possessing him, the Alpha killed the actual Christian.

6.08 - All Dogs Go To Heaven

The Alpha Skinwalker (offscreen) rallies an army of Skinwalkers who are ordered to turn the families of the pets they are posing as when directed. Also at the beginning of the episode, Crowley alludes to the existence of an Alpha Werewolf.

6.10 - Caged Heat

The Alpha Shapeshifter appears in the beginning of the episode taking the form of Crowley's host. He was being tortured by Crowley and was killed by a beheading because he would not tell him the location of Purgatory. Weapons made of iridium are capable of harming the Alpha Shapeshifter. At the conclusion of the episode, Castiel clears out Crowley's prison of all the monsters, of which it is mentioned at least a few Alphas were there that were destroyed.

7.22 - There Will Be Blood

The Alpha Vampire returns, having escaped Crowley's prison before it was destroyed. The Winchesters need his blood to help stop the Leviathans as the blood of an Alpha is one of the ingredients needed for Bone Of Righteous Mortal Washed In the Three Bloods of Fallen. After learning that the Leviathans intend to wipe out his race and when Sam and Dean save him from Edgar, the Alpha Vampire gives them his blood without a fight.

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