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Alpha and Omega is the 23rd episode and the season finale of Season 11. It aired on May 25, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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God (guest star Rob Benedict) comes to a decision about Amara (guest star Emily Swallow) that has direct repercussions for Sam and Dean.


At the conclusion of the battle, God is left dying on the floor after a vicious attack from his sister. Sam rushes to his side and helps him get up and Dean goes to check on Lucifer who was extracted from his vessel and left unconscious, only to find Castiel. Castiel tells him that Amara had ripped Lucifer from his body, but he doesn't know where to.

Crowley enters the warehouse and laments their failure. When Rowena tells them to look outside, they all realize that the sun is dying.

Everyone returns to the Bunker, and have given up and started drinking. Sam encourages them to come up with an idea, anything, instead of waiting for the end. Castiel suggests the use of souls, and Rowena adds that with enough souls, she could build a bomb powerful enough to kill Amara. Sam and Dean go to a haunted sanitarium to collect souls. Billie spots them and follows them to the Bunker. She offers them her help, and gathers souls from the Veil to power their soul bomb before leaving.

Rowena transfers the souls into Dean, since he's the only one with a personal connection to Amara. Meanwhile, Amara is at a park and expresses her unhappiness at how her brother's creation is dying. She is later approached by an elderly woman who has come to feed the birds, and she tells Amara that even though you hate family, you still love them.

Together they visit Mary's grave, and Sam and Dean bid their farewell to her, before saying goodbye to each other. God confesses that he doesn't want his sister dead, but they have no choice. He teleports Dean to where she is and everyone waits inside a bar.

Amara and the old lady

Amara and the old lady.

When Dean meets up with Amara, he tells her that he's ready to be a part of her. Amara senses the soul bomb inside of him, and she admittedly says that she doesn't want this. Dean starts to think that maybe there's a different way, so he encourages her to forgive her brother because he's family to her and family is irreplaceable.

Amara teleports God to her location and she admits that she was wrong about wanting to destroy him and his creation. She tells him that she wants them to be family again, and God is more than willing to accept. After having resolved their problem, the sun is restored, and everyone is left thinking that Dean is dead. Amara then heals her brother and God removes the souls from Dean, telling him that he and his sister will take a trip but reassures him earth will be protected with him and Sam. Amara thanks Dean for giving her back what she needed most and says she wants to do the same for him. God and Amara then ascend into the sky in light and dark clouds.


Mary is resurrected.

Castiel comforts Sam as they head back to the Bunker, but is interrupted by a woman who banishes him and then points a gun at Sam. She introduces herself as Toni Bevell and claims to be a member of the British Men of Letters, who have had enough of Sam's inconsiderate actions, so they have sent her to take him in. Sam, confused and disheartened, gets closer to her, and after ignoring a few of her warnings she pulls the trigger.

Meanwhile, Dean wanders in the woods searching for signal, until he hears a woman calling out for help, only to find his mother resurrected as a thank you gift from Amara.


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  • Antagonists: The Darkness and Lady Toni Bevell.
  • "Alpha and Omega" is a phrase that means "the beginning and the end" (alpha and omega being the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, respectively). This is a reference to the Darkness, who described herself as the beginning and the end.
  • This is the first season finale to be written by Andrew Dabb, who will be also taking over as show runner for Season 12.
  • This episode is one of only five episodes of Supernatural to not include a death of any kind. Previous episodes with that distinction include The Monster at the End of This Book, When the Levee Breaks, and Inside Man. The final episode with no fatalities is Mamma Mia.
    • It also makes this episode the only season finale that ends with no death on any side.
  • This episode also has a new ending to the "Big Bad" of the series, rather than killing each other, both sides could be reconciled to solve their problem.
  • The magic word "Haggis" was used to trap the ghosts of Waverley Hills Sanatorium. It was a reference to the Scottish dish Haggis.
  • Samantha Smith is credited as 'Special Appearance By' in the end credits. Presumably this was to save the surprise of Mary Winchester's return as has been done in the past with Crowley and Bobby Singer.
  • In an interview with Bustle, Misha Collins mentioned that there was an early draft revealing the whereabouts of Lucifer. "There was a point in which in an earlier draft — of the season finale — where that question was answered, but that didn't end up making it into the final cut."
  • This is the only season finale in a season featuring Lucifer where the Archangel is not present.


  • Castiel states that each soul is as powerful as 100 suns, however in Mommy Dearest, Eve describes souls as little nuclear reactors, when put together—the sun.
    • If Castiel is right, that means he killed Archangel Raphael with energy equivalent to four billion suns.


  • Sam: Are you, uh... H-How do you feel?
  • Chuck: You know when you're driving and a bug hits your windshield? I'm the bug.

  • Crowley: I'm so glad the world is ending.

  • Amara: So you hate him.
  • Old lady: Well, a little bit. Sometimes. But you know family. Even when you hate them, you still love them.

  • Lady Toni Bevell: I mean let's face it, Sam. You're just a jumped-up hunter playing with things you don't understand and doing more harm than good.

International Titles[]

  • Portuguese (Brazil): Alfa e Ômega (Alpha and Omega)


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