You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark.
— Alpha Vampire
in Family Matters

The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and progenitor of all other vampires. He was one of the Alpha monsters captured and interrogated by Crowley and Castiel in their efforts to locate Purgatory. He escaped Crowley's prison and set up a new nest in North Dakota, and then Montana. He was later tracked down for his blood for the weapon to defeat the Leviathans. Ultimately recognizing a common enemy, he gave the Winchesters what they asked for without a fight.

Physical Appearance

His human form is of African descent. Like all vampires, he has a set of retractable razor sharp teeth, as well as long, claw-like fingernails.


The Alpha Vampire often acts as a calm and cultured being, with a taste for the finer things, however when pushed, he reveals a furious temper, and has no qualms about savagely attacking the source of his anger. He is also cunning and highly intelligent, being one of the main architects in Eve's plans, he also had a habit of planning ahead.

When it came to humans, he, like the majority of his race, regarded them as nothing more than food, and does not care how many were killed; he was, however, more civil when dealing with other monsters, and seemed to think of them as distant relatives. He holds much respect for his mother Eve, referring to himself as "a son of Eve", and becomes enraged when Edgar called her a "mutt" and a "whore."

However, when it came to other vampires, he did truly care about them, and considered them all his "children". He took his role as father of their species seriously, acting as both their leader and their protector. He is also greatly angered when they are harmed or killed.

Despite being ruthless, he is not above negotiating or knowing when to call it quits.

Powers and Abilities


The Alpha's fangs as he attempts to sire a then-soulless Sam.

The Alpha Vampire has all the traits and abilities of normal vampires, although they are greatly enhanced due to his advanced age and status as the Alpha. As the Alpha as well as the first and eldest of his species, he is the purest and strongest of the vampire race; resilient and aggressive when provoked. He is perhaps the most powerful of the Alphas with his lupine brother, the Alpha Werewolf, being a potential second. His blood purity allows him to possibly sire stronger, more resilient vampires while later generations seem to be weaker and easy prey for many hunters.
  • Immortality - The Alpha Vampire will potentially live forever, provided he has a steady supply of blood and is not decapitated or smote by a higher angel. He is well over 10,000 years old and was present when man first discovered fire during the Stone Age; having endured through centuries of rain, fire, ice, and continental divide.
  • Super Senses - Enhanced sight, hearing, and smell inherent in the vampire species.
  • Super Strength - As the first vampire in existence, the Alpha Vampire is considerably stronger than humans, lesser demons, and all vampires. His strength is such that it took three black-eyed demons to restrain him, even after being continually filled with dead man's blood and right after receiving two further doses of dead man's blood directly to the neck as well as high-voltage electroshock in an electric chair. He was even able to hold his own (if barely) against Edgar, a high-ranking Leviathan, pushing him away with one arm and noticeably startling the unprepared Leviathan lieutenant with his overpowering strength.
  • Enhanced Superhuman Speed - The Alpha Vampire can move at speeds much faster then any human and most monsters. He ranks as one of the fastest creatures seen on the show, barring those who can teleport.
  • Regeneration - Is able to quickly regenerate any non-lethal wound he suffered.

Alpha Abilities

These abilities are exclusive to him as the Alpha Vampire.

  • Soul Reading - The Alpha had the ability to sense that Sam had no soul.

The Alpha's claws.

  • Extendable Fingernails - The Alpha was able to make his fingernails grow at will, extending them long enough to cut through his bonds. He later used this ability to cut himself, and give the Winchesters his blood.
  • Enhanced Endurance - The Alpha Vampire has demonstrated a drastically augmented pain threshold, easily enduring any and all forms of torture that Samuel or Crowley could devise, such as electroshocks and injection of dead people's blood.
  • Telepathy - The Alpha Vampire can communicate telepathically with all of its "children" (Dean called it his "psychic bat-signal"). Connecting with his children has an effect on them. When the Alpha contacted the vampires in Boris's nest and Dean (which may have been a world-wide communication), they were each filled with a sense of euphoria and lost consciousness for the duration of his abstract visual message. Apparently, this ability can be stunted by pumping enough dead man's blood into his system.
  • Connection to the Mother of All - Although all monsters have a connection to Eve, the Alphas seem to have a more direct link to her, even across dimensions. Through this connection, she was able to give the Alpha Vampire orders to prepare for the upcoming war, and to "recruit" more monsters. He was also privy to her location, Purgatory, and how to find it.
  • Resilience - The Alpha Vampire, was able to still function after taking colossal amounts of dead man's blood. 


  • Primordial entities - God, The Darkness, Death, and archangels can easily annihilate the alpha vampire and therefore any monster.
  • Eve - As his mother, Eve can kill him with ease.
  • Death's Scythe - It can kill anything.
  • The First Blade - It can kill almost anything.
  • Dead man's blood - While still affected by this, it takes much more to subdue him and he can recover quickly from it.
  • Decapitation - Vampires can be killed with decapitation.
  • Vamptonite - Vamptonite is fatal to all creatures that feed on humans including the alpha vampire.
  • The Colt - The Colt can kill monsters and alphas.
  • Leviathans - While he was able to push Edgar away twice during their fight, Edgar was very confident he would win and was able to overpower the alpha vampire and nearly killed him. Even with Borax the alpha still failed to rip Edgar's head off. Sam predicted that in a fight, Edgar would "eat him alive" with little difficulty.

Early Life

It is unknown exactly how old he is, but he mentions he was the thing in the dark when humans first built fire, so it's most likely that he is tens of thousands of years old. When asked, he admitted to knowing about the leviathans, correlating to his age. He was created by Eve, like all the other alpha monsters.

He created an entire race of vampires across the world that soon populated into a new civilization. He kept close tabs on his "children" while continuing to populate the world with Vampires for many years.

Season 6

800px-SPN 1063

The Alpha Vampire greeting his children.

The Alpha Vampire is first glimpsed briefly flashing in the minds of its "children" as it commanded them to recruit more for its army. Nothing is known about this particular monster, aside from the fact its "messages" could be heard by all vampires and render them unconscious. Dean Winchester sees this vision while he is infected.

SPN 0847

The Alpha talking with Sam and Dean.

Samuel Campbell and his people capture the Alpha Vampire. They subdue him using an I.V. of dead man's blood and attempt to interrogate him, but he is extremely resistant to pain and gives Samuel no information. After Samuel leaves the room where he is being held, the alpha is approached by Dean and Sam. He reveals to them that, though he is the first vampire, he has a mother. He recognizes Dean and he seems interested in Sam's soullessness.

SPN 0993

Alpha overpowered by demons.

He also tells them that Samuel is torturing him for information about Purgatory and where it is located. Shortly after their conversation, he breaks out of his cage and almost escapes, but demons appear and take him away on Crowley's orders. It is revealed that Samuel has been working for Crowley, who will continue to question the Alpha Vampire about the location of Purgatory.

When Crowley asks Sam and Dean to find another Alpha, Sam and Dean ask if the Alpha Vampire was not enough for him. It is probable that Crowley could not get any information out of him as he is extremely resistant to pain and torture.

Season 7

722 alpha and woman

The Alpha Vampire and his "daughter" Emily.

The Alpha Vampire returns in the Season 7 episode "There Will Be Blood" after Crowley revealed to the Winchesters that the Alpha somehow escaped his prison.

Later on, when the Winchesters confronted the Alpha at his mansion, they discovered he had been raising two human children - a boy and a girl - the latter of whom alerted the Alpha that Sam and Dean were coming. They also discovered that the Alpha Vampire had made an alliance with Dick Roman and the Leviathans, and that the two races intended to jointly harvest humanity once the Leviathans had dumbed down the population with their DNA-changing food additives.

Edgar's here

The Alpha Vampire is told of Edgar's arrival.

The Winchesters protested that the Leviathans' additives were also designed to kill vampires. They also told the Alpha that they need his blood to stop the Leviathans. The Alpha was skeptical of their claims, as he was still angry with them for his capture and torture the previous year. When his human "son" informed him that Edgar had arrived, the Alpha had Sam and Dean locked in another room while he met with Edgar.

The Alpha asked Edgar about the additives in the food, and Edgar admitted there are "kinks" in them. The Alpha Vampire then asked what the Leviathans were doing to fix them, and where on their list was his request. At this point, Edgar dropped all pretense and answered, "My dear friend...nowhere." He smugly informs the Alpha that the vampires would "burn" like the roaches they are. He explained that there are "seven billion" humans on the planet, and the Leviathans intended to wipe out all other supernatural species to ensure their dominance.


The Alpha confronts Edgar.

When the Alpha argued that vampires and Leviathans are related species, and Edgar sneered "barely". The Alpha furiously retorted that he was the "son of Eve", but Edgar said he considered Eve a worthless "mutt" and a "whore" and not worthy of respect. The Alpha attacked Edgar with a concealed goblet of Borax, but Edgar recovered swiftly and beat the Alpha into submission. He then prepared to devour the Alpha and drink all his blood (thus eliminating a key component in the only weapon that can kill the Leviathans), when Sam and Dean burst into the room. The brothers caught Edgar off guard and decapitate him, putting the Leviathan out of commission.

See You Next Season

The Alpha Vampire bids the brothers farewell.

Dean then tried to bleed the Alpha, but the Alpha threw him aside and told them there's been enough fighting and that his human daughter Emily is already upset enough. In response, Sam berated him for kidnapping Emily in the first place. Surprisingly, the Alpha had decided to give them the blood anyway, and cut his wrist, bleeding into a goblet, which he gave the Winchesters. After some more arguing, he also agreed to release one of the two children he'd been raising. As the Winchesters are leaving, the Alpha promised to "see you next season."


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  • According to Andrew Dabb in the book "Supernatural the Official Companion Season 6","There is a ton of lore and origin stories about the Alpha Vampire but essentially what we ended up going with was that line 'When mankind first built a fire, I was the thing in the darkness.' The idea is that the alpha is the initial predator and the fact that this monster was out there in the darkness waiting for them is why people huddled around campfires. He views humanity as prey."
  • The Alpha Vampire is currently the only known Alpha left in existence.
  • Though not confirmed, it has been stated in There Will Be Blood that he is the oldest monster on the planet Earth.
  • Though it was implied that the Alpha would make an appearance in Season 8, he did not return that season or since.
  • The Alpha Vampire broke the fourth wall when he told the Winchesters "see you next season" even though he has not yet returned.
  • Rick Worthy claims to know the Alpha Vampire's real name. He also says that the Alpha is of royal ancestry. Whether this refers to Eve or if he was human at one point remains to be seen.
  • Ironically, Rick Worthy plays anti-vampire mayor Rudy Hopkins in a town filled with vampires in The Vampire Diaries.
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