The Alpha Vampire is the "Father" of all vampires.


The Alpha is of African descent. It is unknown exactly how old he is, but he mentions he was the thing in the dark when humans built fire (presumably early humans), so it's most likely that he is tens of thousands of years old. He was created by the Mother of All, like other Alpha monsters.

He soon created an entire race of Vampires across the world that soon populated into a new civilization. He kept close tabs on his "children" while continuing to populate the world with Vampires for many years.

Soon he was, with a great amount of effort, kidnapped by Samuel and his family to be interrogated. He was taken to a cage where they pumped enough dead man's blood to knock out a whole nest of Vampires through him, yet he hardly flinched. He was soon approached by Sam and Dean for information of why Samuel brought him there. He stated that he was brought here so that Samuel could learn the location of Purgatory, which the Alpha apparently knows the location of. He soon escaped his cage and attacked Samuel, Dean, and Sam. Just before he was about to transform Sam into a Vampire, Demons appeared and restrained him and teleported him away elsewhere. His current location is unknown.

Powers & Abilities

The Alpha Vampire possessed the supernatural powers of superstrength, superagility, supersenses, and invulnerability inherent in all vampires, but to a degree far greater than the rest of his kind.

List of Appearances

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