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He has a place he goes when something's wrong. He calls it his retreat.
Emily tells Sam about the retreat.
in There Will Be Blood

The Alpha Vampire's retreat is a mansion in Missoula, Montana used by the Alpha Vampire as a hideout in times of trouble.


Located in Missoula, Montana near a monastery, the mansion is used by the Alpha Vampire in times when something is wrong. During her captivity, Emily visits the retreat at least once.

In 2012, after vampires start dying due to a mysterious plague, the Alpha Vampire chooses to go to his retreat. Searching for the Alpha Vampire to get his blood for a weapon to defeat the Leviathans, the Winchesters find the retreat using clues given to them by Emily who claims not to know its exact location, but later betrays their plans to the Alpha Vampire.

After being captured, the Winchesters attempt to convince the Alpha Vampire that the Leviathans are responsible for the plague and are trying to wipe out the vampires. When Edgar arrives, the Alpha Vampire has them locked in the study, but the Winchesters manage to escape. During their meeting, Edgar reveals that the Leviathans are actively trying to wipe out all monster species that feed on humans before being decapitated by Sam. Recognizing that they have a common enemy, the Alpha Vampire willingly gives the Winchesters his blood and allows them to take with them Allan, a young kidnapped boy that he had been holding at his retreat.

It is unknown what ultimately happened to the retreat. It is presumably abandoned since at least the Alpha Vampire's death at Sam's hands five years later.