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This unnamed vampire worked for the Alpha Vampire and was a guard at his retreat.

Overview []

At some unknown point in time this vampire started working for the Alpha Vampire. This vampire was loyal to him and was a guard at his retreat. This vampire and another vampire captured Sam and Dean Winchester who were attempting to enter the Alpha Vampire's home and kill him to get his blood for a weapon they needed to kill the Leviathans.

The brothers are then taken to the Alpha Vampire. They tried to plead with him to get his blood by pointing out that the Leviathans are intentionally poisoning their food supply. The Alpha, however, is more interested in taking revenge on them for capturing him and selling him to Crowley. The brothers are then locked in a separate room while the Alpha Vampire speaks to Edgar, a high-ranking leviathan.

The brothers managed to escape the room and when they get out, they're attacked by this vampire, who Dean easily kills with a hidden syringe of vamptonite.



  • This was the first and only monster to die on-screen from vamptonite.