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The Alpha Borderwalker was the first of its species. She was featured in the tie-in novel, Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.


Before she was turned into the first Borderwalker, she was a human by the name Metzlicihuatl. She was a midwife's daughter and according to Huehuecoyotl, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Once the god tired of her, she refused to literally, let go of him. She tried to cross the rift between the human and godly realms along with him and was changed into a monstrous creature that would be called a Borderwalker.

Physical Appearance

She had wide-set, mesmerizing espresso eyes behind heavy black lashes. Impossibly lush mouth. Regal cheekbones. Flawless without a hint of make-up. She appeared nude, but the soft, brown human skin below her collarbones graduated into sleek, mottled scales like a rattlesnake. Her fingers ended in hooked black claws. An enormous pair of black-and-white condor’s wings sprouted from her shoulder blades.

Powers and Abilities

Being the first of her kind, she shares many of their powers, but at an enhanced level.

  • Apporting - Borderwalkers have the power to transport people and objects between worlds.
  • Superhuman Strength - Able to tear apart a large number of people with ease.
  • Shape Shifting - Can take on various monstrous forms like tarantulas or a scorpion with a thousand tails or a vulture with a skull for a face.
  • Curing - The Alpha Borderwalker can create and also revert a Borderwalker. Her blood (in the form of white smoke) could revert a borderwalker back to human.


  • Obsidian Weapons - Weapons made of obsidian rather than silver are more effective against Borderwalkers.
  • Marigold flowers - Marigold flowers offer protection against them.
  • Itztlitlantl - An ancient leaf shaped obsidian knife. Can, without a doubt, eliminate a borderwalker.
  • Spells - Regular borderwalkers could be bound by certain spells, but it was never attempted on her.


She could be summoned by using a special flute belonging to Huehuecoyotl. She would assume that he was calling for her. According to the god, she was so madly in love with him, she would cross oceans to be with him.


  • She was the only Alpha, in the Supernatural universe, not created by Eve.
  • Unlike the other Alphas, this Alpha was a female. 
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