Alonso was a Pishtaco who worked at a spa.


Season 9Edit

He, Larry and Maritza made Canyon Valley Spa to allow Maritza and himself to feed while accomplishing the customers' desires. Everything was running smoothly until two victims were "sucked dry" and found dead. This draws in the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester.

At first, Sam and Dean are employed at the spa as a trainer and kitchen worker, respectively. Alonso is first seen berating Dean for flirting with the trainer and not doing his work.

Later on, Larry searches Sam and Dean's room and soon realizes that they are hunters who are investigating the two murders. Larry criticizes Alonso and says that he is not as strong as his sister and that he ruined their organisation. Larry is later seen dead with a hole in his chest, as Alonso refused to leave and blamed Larry for starving him.

When Maritza was interrogated by Sam and Dean she revealed that Alonso and herself were Pishtaco's and he was downgraded from feeding from an actual person to kitchen duties and feeding fat from a jar as he almost killed someone by sucking too much fat out of them. Maritza learned the best way to survive was to feed enough to get by. Alonso apparently wasn't fond of portion control and "the more Maritza starved him, the hungrier he got". Maritza tells Sam and Dean that the only way to kill a Pishtaco is with silver and that Alonso mostly stays in the basement.

When the Winchesters do attempt to find and kill Alonso, they stumble upon the chef who is dead and has the same injuries as Larry. Alonso jumps Sam and is about to feed off of him but Dean severs his sucking appendage, killing him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - It also was revealed that by eating human fat, he gained superhuman strength. However he is still very weak in monster terms, to the point where a strong man like Sam Winchester is able to physically take him on.
  • Invulnerability - Alonso couldn't be killed by conventional means, he could only be killed by a silver knife.
  • Lamprey mouth - Alonso possessed a lamprey like sucking appendage which he used to feed. However he also used it to kill by sucking out too much fat or by ripping a hole in a person.


  • Silver - Pishtacos are vulnerable to weapons made of silver. 
  • Severing their proboscis - Cutting off their sucking appendage with a silver blade will kill a Pishtaco.


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