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All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2 is the twenty-second and final episode of Supernatural: The Animation. It is a remake of the TV Series' Season 2 episode of the same name.


Resurrecting Sam[]

Dean Winchester is inside an old barn with Sam's corpse, shown lying on a platform with Dean sitting next to it. Bobby comes in shortly after and urges Dean to bury his brother soon. Dean is heavily reluctant, and ultimately decides to summon the crossroads demon.

The demon claims his soul is pitiful and worthless, but Dean agrees to take one year in exchange for Sam's life. The demon agrees, so long as Dean does not make any attempt to back out of the deal. She asks if Dean is truly certain with the arrangement. Dean forcibly kisses her to seal the deal.

Somewhere else in the woods, Jake Talley is sitting by a fire. He recalls how he killed Sam by punching right through the back. He is startled out of his thoughts by Azazel. Enraged at the demon, Jake throws a punch at Azazel, but gets deflected and knocked it a row of trees miles along.

Sam wakes up at the barn, still bloodied, but is confused to find no hole in his chest. Dean arrives soon after and pulls him into a tight hug. They drive to Bobby's place while Dean refuses to admit to what brought Sam back, much to Sam's annoyance.

Bobby upset over Dean selling his soul.

Bobby is awestruck to see Sam alive, but greets Sam like nothing happened. He then confronts Dean privately and angrily, expressing his dislike in his and his dad's foolish, self-sacrificing behavior. Dean counters that his own life isn't worth much.

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Missouri, who is also stunned to see Sam. The four then work to find out what Azazel is planning next, and discover the Devil's Gate in Wyoming.

Jake Talley arrives there by car, just outside the railway roads which make up the Devil's Trap surrounding the Gate. Azazel arrives and instructs Jake to go to the crypt located at the center of the Devil's Trap, within a cemetery, and to open it with the Colt.

Jake takes the gun and aims it at Azazel, who threatens Jake's family to compel to do as he's told. Jake arrives at the cemetery, and ponders whether he's doing the right thing. He says that he only ever wanted to protect his family.

Battle at the Devil's Gate in Wyoming[]

Before Jake can insert the Colt into the crypt's lock, Dean, Bobby and Missouri confront him from behind with guns, along with Sam, much to Jake's surprise, who expresses his relief to know Sam is still alive. He then inserts the Colt into the lock, just as Dean's fires a bullet. The bullet misses as Jake jumps into the air and prepares a powerful punch directed at Dean.

Sam intervenes by ripping off Jake's arm using his psychic powers. This shocks everyone present. Dean calls to Sam, but clearly, Sam is in a different state, and without a word, he jumps onto Jake and proceeds to pound him to death with his fists.

The Devil's Gate in Wyoming opens.

Just then, the Gate begins to open. Dean throws Sam off of Jake's corpse and rushes to remove the Colt, but the Gate opens away and hundreds of demons escape. The large Devil's Trap melts away and Azazel manages to step in. Missouri and Bobby rush to shut the Gate again, while Dean begins to sense Azazel's presence.

Azazel briefly takes on his smoke form and removes the gun from Dean. He casually flings Dean into a tombstone and pins him there. He also pins Sam to a tree when the latter tries to help his brother.

Azazel mocks Dean and points the Colt at him. Before he can shoot, however, something grabs hold of him and restrains him. The bright light reveals itself to be John Winchester.

John forces the demon to let go of the Colt. Seeing it hit the ground, Dean pulls himself free of Azazel's bounds and picks up the Colt. He fires the bullet directly at the demon's heart. John releases Azazel as the demon begins to convulse and erupt. His body drops dead moments later.

Missouri and Bobby close the Gate just as the sun begins to rise. Sam approaches his father with tearful eyes, and together with Dean, they watch their father smile proudly at them, before he vanishes into thin air.

Sam and Dean are later shown mulling over the recent events, with Bobby adding that with the demons unleashed through the Devil's Gate, the brothers have a lot of hard work to do. Sam and Dean both agree, and together they head back to the Impala.


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  • This is the final episode of Supernatural: The Animation.
  • Sam kills Jake with super-strength in a berserk fury. In the original episode, Sam shot him repeatedly, although in both version, he ignores Jake's pleas for mercy, disturbing Dean.
  • In the original episode Ellen Harvelle joined Bobby and the Winchesters in the final confrontation, instead of Missouri.
  • Jake is more remorseful in the animated episode than in the original. In the original, he seems to have embraced his dark side.