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All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1 is the 21st episode of Season 2. It premiered on May 10, 2007.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam is abducted by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and finds himself in a ghost town with other children who have special abilities. They learn the Demon has brought them together to initiate his endgame: an all-out war against the human race. In an effort to encourage Sam to fight, the Demon shows him what really happened to one of his parents. Dean enlists Bobby's (guest star Jim Beaver) help to find Sam before the battle begins, but he arrives too late.


Opening Teaser[]

Sam and Dean pull up to a cafe off the road to grab a bite to eat. Dean waits in the car with the music cranked up and makes a sarcastic comment, "Don't forget the extra onions this time... see if they've got any pie." Dean looks through the window and sees several people inside. Suddenly the radio becomes staticy and fades out. When Dean looks back into the window, he sees an empty diner. Dean rushes in and finds one guy covered in blood dead with his head on the table. Looking over the counter, he finds two more dead on the floor. Dean goes to the back door, but Sam's nowhere to be found. Dean, however, notices traces of sulfur on the window sill, realizing the demon's been there. He rushes back out the front door and shouts "SAM... SAMI!!!" at the top of his lungs.

Ghost Town[]

Sam awakens to find himself in a deserted pioneer town, where there appears to be no one else around. He quickly reaches into his pocket for his cell phone but gets no signal. Sam walks around to some of the buildings nearby, but nobody is in sight. Sam suddenly hears footsteps coming from the side of the building. Grabbing a block of wood, he creeps closer to the corner and prepares to strike. The approaching threat turns out to be Andy, who is freaking out over the whole situation. He immediately asks Sam several times where they are, but Sam can give no reply. Sam asks Andy what's the last thing he remembers and he replies, "honestly, my fourth bong load" and an intense smell of sulfur.

Suddenly they hear screaming. They run following the screams down the street to a locked shack. Sam breaks the padlock, and Ava runs and hugs him. She's freaked out, and asks where they are. Giving her no answer, Sam asks her how long she's been there. She says she doesn't know; she only woke up about a half hour ago. Sam tells her that he and Dean have been looking for her for months. She immediately becomes exasperated about her fiancé, but Sam doesn't tell her the truth about him. However, he now realizes what the three of them have in common. At that moment they hear a voice coming from across the street.

The three of them find a man in an army uniform and a young girl who appears to be goth. Sam introduces himself, as does Jake and Lily. Lily questions where they are because a minute ago she was in San Diego and Jake was in Afghanistan. Sam takes a wild guess and asks if they're both 23 and goes on to say that they all have abilities. Sam says that he has visions, as in sees things before they happen. Ava replies, "me too". Andy adds that he can put thoughts in people's heads and make them do stuff. Lily, officially freaked out, says that whenever she touches someone, their heart stops. Sam says the point is that they are all here and have to deal with what's ahead of them. Andy inquires as to who brought them here. Taking a beat, knowing that this one will be hard to explain, Sam says it more of a what than a who. It's a demon.

On The Road[]

Dean and Bobby are at a dead end in their hunt to find Sam. Bobby says that things have been quiet in all areas of the country and that if a demon was here, it left no trace. Dean's phone rings, it's Ash. He's got info that is bigger than anything he's ever seen and that it will most certainly help him find Sam. Ash tells Dean to get to the roadhouse as quickly as possible. Dean and Bobby waste no time and take off in the Impala.

Ghost Town[]

Sam explains to the group that they're all soldiers fighting in a demon war to bring on the Apocalypse. With everyone in disbelief, Jake says he's better off on his own and takes off. He walks around the corner and sees a girl in the window of the schoolhouse. Jake walks in and finds the phrase "I will not kill" written all over the chalkboard. He turns around and sees the girl who proceeds to attack him. But before she can make her mark on him, Sam stabs her with a cast iron rod and it dissipates into black smoke. Sam lets everyone know that was a demon.

The five of them walk outside in shock. Sam tells them that he's not sure but he thinks that was an acheri, a demon who disguises itself as a girl. Sam glances over at the bell in the town square. After studying it for a few seconds he knows where they are, in Cold Oak, South Dakota, a town so haunted that every single resident fled. Lily says that they should just get the hell out, but the only way out is through miles of woods. Sam says the best thing to do is to stick together.

Ramshackle House[]

Sam, Andy, Ava, and Jake enter a ramshackle house in search of iron, salt, or anything that can be used as a weapon. But Lily breaks away from the group, heading into the woods attempting to escape. As she tries to escape in the woods she keeps hearing noises but keeps on moving.


Dean and Bobby arrive at the roadhouse to find it burnt down in ruins. They look through the rubble for a trace of Ash or Ellen. Dean finds Ash's watch attached to a charred arm. In the woods, Lily hears a little girl laughing in the distance, but she continues on.

Ramshackle House[]

Sam finds a chest with a hunting knife inside and collects it. He turns around to find Ava rubbing her temples as though she's in pain. He asks if she's okay,  she says she's just freaked out and hungry. Andy rushes in; he's found two bags of salt that they can line against the house to protect themselves. At that moment Sam notices that Lily is missing. The group hears laughing coming from outside and head towards the front door. As they walk outside, they find Lily dead  and hanging from the windmill. Sam realizes that Lily was trying to leave and that the demon is not going to let them get away that easily. They must stay and gear up for the next attack.

Sam is walking alongside Andy and he tells him how much he wishes he could get in touch with Dean because they could use his help. Andy says that it might be a possibility and asks if he has anything that Dean has touched. Sam hands him a receipt bearing Dean's (D. Hasselhoff) signature and Andy begins to use his psychic ability to put visions of the town in Dean's head.


Dean and Bobby walk back to the Impala back to square one, with no idea where Ellen is or if she's even alive still, what Ash knew, or where Sam is. At that moment Dean has a migraine headache and starts losing balance. He has a vision where he sees Sam and a large bell with an oak tree engraved in it.  Bobby realizes that Cold Oak is where Sam is and they take off.

Ramshackle House[]

Sam and Jake are making cast iron weapons.  Jake reveals that his abilities started with headaches, but that after he witnessed a man flip a truck on a bad road and become pinned underneath it, he lifted it off of him like it was nothing.  He says he thought it was a fluke adrenaline thing at first, but then discovered he could bench press 800 pounds with little effort.  Jake  thanks Sam for being the voice of calm and reason for everyone, even though he recognizes from experience the look of terror that Sam is trying to conceal. Sam tells him that his brother Dean always says things to calm him, that he'll watch over him and that everything will be okay, but he doesn't know if he believes it this time.  Something really big and bad is coming.

Later that evening Sam and Ava are lining the doors and windows with the salt. Ava tells Sam her horoscope told her not to get out of bed. She then asks him about her fiancé, Brady. As much as he hates to, he tells Ava that when the demon took her, Brady didn't make it. Distraught from this news, she buries her head in Sam's arms.

Ramshackle House (later that evening)[]

Everyone has wound down a bit and Sam's trying to stay awake to keep watch. He closes his eyes for a second and opens them to see the Yellow-Eyed Demon standing by the front door. He realizes he's dreaming when Jake doesn't hear his warning that the demon is right behind him. The demon invites Sam to take a walk with him outside. Much to our surprise, he goes with it. As they're walking outside, the demon recognizes that Sam's very quiet and Sam responds, "I'm gonna tear you to shreds, I swear." The demon replies that when he wakes, he can give it his best shot.

The demon tells Sam that he and the others are all in a competition to prove who's the strongest, but that Sam's the one he's rooting for. Only one of them will survive and be the soldier from his generation, the leader in this upcoming war. Sam wants to know who this soldier is supposed to lead, and the demon replies that it will be an army that he almost has assembled.

Sam tells the demon that he's ruined his life, killed almost everyone he loves. The demon mockingly replies that it was "the cost of doing business." Jessica had to die because Sam was all set to marry her and become some tax lawyer with two kids and a little McMansion in the suburbs. He had to remove her in order to keep Sam focused on his fighting skills. Sam asks him why he killed his mom. The demon says that was just bad luck; she just happened walk in on the two of them 22 years ago. It wasn't about her, it was all about Sam. The demon pauses and says that since he is in a charitable mood, he will show Sam what happened the night his mom died.

The demon takes Sam into the past to replay the scene of Mary's death. Sam sees the demon standing beside Sam's crib slitting open his own wrist and dripping blood into baby Sam's mouth. Sam is mortified by the fact that he's consumed demon blood. A drowsy Mary approaches the darkened nursery to tend to fussy baby Sam, but thinks it's John already standing next to the crib, so she proceeds back down the hall. Sam tries to call out to Mary, but the demon reminds him that it's only High Def instant replay, not real, and that she cannot hear him. When Mary hears the TV and finds John actually sleeping in front of it on the couch downstairs, she runs back upstairs into Sam's nursery. The demon turns around, revealing his yellow eyes, and she gasps, "It's you". Sam realizes that his mom apparently knew the demon already. The replay goes on to show Mary being forced up the wall toward the ceiling, to Sam's horror.  But, the demon awakens Sam before can see the consuming fire ignite.

Jake is shaking Sam out of the dream, alerting him that Ava's missing. Sam and Jake head outside and split up to find her. They don't notice her lurking behind a nearby building.

Andy walks around inside the house and finds Ava, as she breaks the line of salt on the windowsill. He is surprised to find her and asks if she heard them calling for her. She says yes, she did. She looks at Andy coldly and then places her hands against her temples, as if she has a headache. Black demon smoke seeps in through the window and manifests as the same acheri that threatened Jake earlier. The demon then attacks Andy and tears him to shreds.

Ava then generates tears and screams to draw the guys back. Sam runs back inside, sees Andy's body and asks her what happened and where has she been.  Ava tells him she went to get a drink from the well and when she came back she found him like this. However, Sam notices the deliberate break in the line of salt on the windowsill and knows that Andy wouldn't have done it. All the pieces about Ava begin falling together for him. She's been gone for five months and is the only one with all that time who can't account  for it. He believes that Ava has gained the ability to control demons and is using that ability against them, noting that the last time she got a sudden headache was exactly when the demon got Lily. Realizing Sam has figured her out, she comes out and admits that she's been in this town the whole time.  More and more "children" like her and Sam have appeared, usually three or four at a time, and she's killed them all. She's declared herself the "undefeated heavyweight champ." Sam is horrified and asks her how she could do such things, she tells him that she had no choice; it was them or her. She says that after a while it became easy, even fun, once she stopped fighting "who we are".  She puts it to Sam that if he would just quit his "hand-wringing" and open himself up, he'd realize all the things he's capable of.

She mock-sadly says, "Sorry, Sam, but it's over,"  then attempts to summon a demon to attack him. Jake arrives and breaks her neck from behind and she falls to the ground. The demon smoke dissipates back out of the window before it reaches Sam.

Ghost Town[]

Sam and Jake head outside and start walking towards the woods. Sam says that since Ava was controlling the demons, they should be able to make it out of this town now that she's dead. However, Jake is not feeling the same way. He says the demon has come to him in a vision and told him that  only one of them is getting out alive. He says he likes Sam, but it makes no sense for them to let it kill them both, and so, regrettably, he's prepared to take Sam out.  Sam pleads with him that together, they can kill the demon and live. Both of them have weapons; Sam a knife, Jake, an iron rod.  As a gesture of trust, Sam lays down his knife on the ground between them asking Jake again not to do it. Jake reluctantly lays the rod down as well. But, Jake turns on Sam and lands a punch packing all of his super-human ability. Jake attempts to hit Sam again, but Sam manages to dodge his punch and Jake punches his hand through the wooden fence. Jake rebounds and delivers a crunching blow to Sam's shoulder. Sam then lands a few punches and eventually knocks him out with a strike of the cast iron rod. Sam considers but decides not to use the chance to slay Jake as he lay unconscious. He drops the rod to the ground.

SamDown s02e21

 He then hears a familiar voice call his name. He turns around and sees Dean and Bobby down the road. He calls out to Dean while stumbling toward them. Jake gets up and grabs the knife, runs up behind Sam and twists it into his spine. Dean runs to save Sam, and he drops to his knees into Dean's arms as Bobby sprints after Jake. Dean tries to will Sam back to consciousness as he fades, but it is too late. Sam dies in Dean's arms.


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implied that he had fed demon blood to many other generations. This explains why Azazel sought out Rosie Holt, twenty-three years after Sam was born.
  • In the scene in which Andrew Gallagher finds the salt, the group notices that Lily has left. When Sam yells Lily's name, Ava and Andrew are noticeably startled by the loudness of Sam's voice.
  • Ava quotes Albert King's song "Born Under a Bad Sign" when she says "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all." Coincidentally, Born Under a Bad Sign is also the name of another episode in this season.
  • This episode shares similarities with the season three finale of Charmed, in both title, and the death of a main character through events manipulated by the main villains of the time. Sam is killed in the survival competition set up by Azazel, while Prue Halliwell was killed by an assassin sent to stop her and her sister's interferences, by The Source of all Evil in the Charmed universe.
  • Andy's earrings are on the opposite ear from when he first appeared in Simon Said.


Featured Music[]

  • "Foreplay/Long Time" by Boston
  • "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette
  • "Opening" by Darker My Love
  • "Wrapped Around Your Finger" by APM


  • Dean: "Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie. I love me some pie."

  • Sam: "Andy?"
  • Andy: "Sam. What are you doing here?"
  • Sam: "I don't know."
  • Andy: "What am I doing here?"
  • Sam: "I don't know. Just-"
  • Andy: "Where are we?"

  • Azazel "You're awfully quiet, Sam. You're not mad at me, are you?"
  • Sam: "I'm gonna tear you apart, I swear."
  • Azazel: "When you wake up, tiger, you give it your best shot."

  • Dean: "Hey, it's not even that bad. It's not even that bad, alright? Sammy? Sam. Hey, we're gonna patch you up. You'll be as good a new. I'm gonna take care of you - I'm gonna take care of you ... that's my job, right? Watch out for my pain-in-the-ass little brother? Sam? Sam? Sam. Sammy?!"

(Sam dies.)

  • Dean: "No. No, no, no. Oh, God. Oh, God!" (with tears in his eyes) "SAM!!!"

International Titles[]

  • Finnish: Helvetin esikartano, osa 1 (Hell's Forecourt, part 1)
  • Brazil: Demônios a Solta, primeira parte (Demons On The Loose, part 1)
  • French: L'Armée des ténèbres (1re partie) (The Army of the Darkness, part 1)
  • German: Der Sturm bricht los (1) (The Storm breaks out, part 1)
  • Polish: Rozpętało się piekło, część 1 (Hell has been loose, part 1)
  • Hungarian: Ha a pokol elszabadul, 1. rész (If Hell Breaks Loose, part 1)


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