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Alicia Banes is a hunter and the twin sister of Max Banes. She was raised by a "good witch."


Alicia and her brother were conceived during a one-night stand between notorious hunter Asa Fox and a "good witch" Tasha Banes, the latter who raised the twins on her own. The twins were aware of their relation to the hunter, and respected him as well as loved him dearly. When Asa Fox was killed presumably by his nemesis, the demon Jael, Alicia and her brother participated in the wake, where other hunters gathered.

During the event, Alicia was possessed by Jael, who went about killing the other guests. When he possess Jody Mills, Jael revealed the truth about Asa's death; Asa's friend Bucky Sims was the culprit. He also revealed Alicia and Max's relation to Asa, much to the surprise of Asa's mother Lorraine, who did not know she had grandchildren.

Together, the remaining hunters helped exorcise Jael and send him back to Hell. In the aftermath, Bucky was disgraced for having pinned the blame on Jael while Lorraine decided to bond with her grandchildren.

Six weeks later, Alicia calls Dean's cell phone to ask for help in dealing with a case. She and her brother initially suspected they were dealing with one werewolf, but discovered it was a pack. Mary received the call instead, and told her Dean was busy. Mary told her she would come to her aid and help with the case.

When her mother goes missing, Alicia enlists Sam and Dean helps in finding her. However, Tasha Banes turns up alive and well. Things are good and happy until Max, Sam and Dean inform her that the woman claiming to be Tasha isn't Tasha at all. While Max demands to know the truth from "Tasha", Sam and Dean restrain a horrified Alicia.

Using a spell, Max causes Tasha to convulse and reveal the location of her maker. Max and Dean head out while Sam stays in the room with Alicia, who tries desperately to wake Tasha up when Tasha collapses to the floor. Shortly after, the hotel receptionist appears and starts beating on Sam. Alicia leaves her mother's side momentarily to knock the man off of Sam.

When she turns round, she is overjoyed to see her mother awake, but the twig doll, Tasha simply stabs Alicia with a knife. Alicia collapses to the floor while the two dolls approach Sam, ready to attack him again.

Sam is saved when Dean kills the witch responsible, causing the two twig dolls, including Tasha, to dissolve into twigs. Sam crouches next to a bleeding Alicia and tells her she's going to be okay. Alicia soon dies. Max and Dean return to the room, and a heartbroken Max collapses to his knees, unable to bear the loss of both his mother and sister.

Alicia's dead body.

Despite warnings from Sam and Dean, Max decides he cannot live without Alicia. He removes Alicia's heart and places it inside a spare twig doll. He uses the witch's magic to resurrect Alicia. After Alicia is resurrected, she has no recollection of her death and is slightly confused about her whereabouts. Max promises to tell her and Alicia leaves the room, Max sets the original Alicia's dead body aflame, reminiscent of a hunter's funeral.



  • Unlike her brother Max, Alicia was not born with the gift of magic. She refers to magic as simply "loud noise" to her.
    • Her lack of interest in magic while her mother and brother work well together somewhat mirrors Sam from Season 1, back when Dean and John were interested in hunting and Sam wasn't.