Alice is a human thief and safe cracker who was forced to work for the King of the Crossroads Barthamus after making a deal with him.



At some point, Alice makes a deal with the Crossroad Demon Barthamus where she sells her soul for an unknown reason. Alice later expresses regret over her actions and states that if she could undo making the deal, she would.

Alice eventually got into thieving and especially safe cracking. Supposedly, there is not a safe that she can't crack. She also enjoyed dressing up in weird clothes and drinking Nerve Damage, a drink that Dean Winchester enjoyed as a child which she was able to get off of EBay.

By the time Alice's deal is up, Barthamus, now the King of the Crossroads, offered Alice a new deal where if she worked for him, he would not send the hellhounds to collect on her deal and drag Alice's soul to Hell. Seeing no other choice, Alice accepted and began doing jobs for Barthamus.

Season 13Edit

In The Scorpion and The Frog, Barthamus brings in Alice alongside the demon Grab to work with the Winchesters in order to rob Luther Shrike's vault for something belonging to Barthamus. Listening to music, Alice is sitting in the warehouse when the Winchesters arrive and is introduced to them as "Smash." Beyond acknowledging that Smash and Grab are aliases, Alice doesn't take part in the discussion that follows and mainly appears bored with the proceedings.

After the Winchesters and Barthamus come to an agreement, Alice hides in the backseat of the Impala under a tarp alongside Dean to be smuggled into Luther's property. Along the way, Dean makes a crack about Alice's shoes, leading Alice to shush him. Once they are past the gate, Sam lets them out.

After separating from Sam, Dean and Alice make their way to a barn on the property where Dean begins setting up a spell to summon Grab. While she waits, Alice's behavior causes Dean to label her weird. When she drinks a Nerve Damage, Dean recognizes it as something that he had loved as a kid and Alice gives him one. As Dean continues setting up the spell, he warns Alice that working for demons is a bad idea, but she points out that he is too. Alice admits that she has no choice but to work for Barthamus, but dodges questions as to why.

Dean is able to summon Grab and Alice watches as Grab admits that he doesn't know where the vault is, but that Dean's blood will lead them to it. After Dean understands Grab's explanation as to how that will work, Grab comments to Alice that she had told him that Dean was just a pretty face, causing Alice to order Grab to be quiet. Alice watches as Grab casts a spell that causes Dean's arm to point in the direction of the vault and the three begin following it there. Along the way, Alice watches the bickering between Dean and Grab.

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Alice and Dean in Luther's cellar.

After Grab's spell leads the group to a cellar, Alice realizes that the vault must be in the cellar. With Grab refusing to join them, Dean and Alice enter the cellar alone where they find the vault door. Alice quickly guesses that Dean must stick his hand in the ornament of a head on the door to open it and the two banter briefly about Dean's reluctance to stick his hand in. Finally, with a lot of dramatics, Dean sticks his hand in and the mechanism inside the ornament extracts a drop of blood, opening the door.

Taunting Dean about his dramatics, Alice moves to enter the vault room, but is almost hit in the head by a dart booby-trap. Dean quickly pulls Alice to safety and as Grab asks for an update, she admits that Barthamus never told her anything about the booby-traps. As Dean complains about the bobby-traps, Alice notices Luther enter. Alice quickly kicks Luther in the shin and flees outside where she finds Grab's dead body. Frightened by the sight of the dead Grab, Alice quickly makes a run for it while Luther is distracted by Dean.

Arriving at the gate to the property, Alice is greeted by Barthamus who suddenly appears outside the gate. Alice reports that Grab and likely the Winchesters are dead and feels that the job is over. However, Barthamus tells Alice that though he likes her, he isn't willing to renegotiate the terms of her contract and demands that Alice return to the job. Though Alice tries to convince Barthamus to allow her to do another job for him to make up for it, Barthamus refuses and forces Alice to return to the vault room.

Alice arrives after the Winchesters have managed to bypass the booby-traps and reached the safe. Though Sam suggests that no one has seen a safe like Luther's in over a hundred years, Alice tells them that she has. Alice admits that she doesn't want to be there, but she has no choice. Sam realizes that Alice sold her soul to Barthamus which she confirms. Alice explains that she would take her deal back if she could, but she can't. Instead, if she keeps working for Barthamus, he never collects on the deal. Though the Winchesters offer Alice their help, she tells them that "I gotta take care of me" and refuses their help. Using a stethoscope to hear the safe's tumblers, Alice is able to quickly open it and they retrieve the trunk Barthamus described to them from it.

In the cellar, the three discover Luther missing but decide to just take off in the Impala. On the road nearby, they are confronted by Luther in a truck. After a brief chase, Sam shoots out Luther's front tire, forcing Luther off the road and to surrender. Alice watches as Luther reveals that he once made a deal with Barthamus to save his terminally ill son only to have Barthamus allow the boy to die of drowning a few years later and claim no responsibility. Like the Winchesters, Alice is sympathetic to Luther's story and he reveals that he used what is in the trunk as leverage to force Barthamus to negotiate a new deal. Alice looks on as the Winchesters open the trunk to discover Barthamus' bones which is Luther's leverage as burning them will kill Barthamus. To Alice's horror, Luther is decapitated by Barthamus moments later.

Barthamus offers Alice a roll of money as a reward for her work, visibly disappointing her. Alice stands at Barthamus' side as he attempts to trade the spell for his bones, only to be rejected by the Winchesters who are utterly disgusted with Barthamus' treatment of Luther and his son. In response, Barthamus grabs a terrified Alice and threatens to snap her neck if the Winchesters don't turn over his bones. With Alice pleading with them, the Winchesters reluctantly agree and slide the trunk out.

Alice is released by Barthamus who sends her to get his bones. Alice apologizes to the Winchesters, causing Dean to repeat her words that Alice has to take care of herself. "So take care of you," Dean tells Alice and gestures with his eyes to the trunk where Dean has left his lighter on top of the bones. Realizing what Dean means, Alice acknowledges his words with a nod. Reaching the front of the trunk, Alice uses the lighter to set Barthamus' bones on fire. Barthamus and his vessel burn to ash, killing Barthamus but also destroying the spell.

Barthamus' death breaks Alice's deal and frees her to live a normal life. The Winchesters take Alice to a bus depot where she boards a bus to a new life. Before leaving, Alice thanks the Winchesters, acknowledging that they didn't have to make the sacrifice that they did to help her. Dean tells Alice to "stay weird" and Alice flashes Dean a peace sign and a funny face and promises to see them around before departing.

Though they lost the chance to find Jack with the destruction of the spell, the Winchesters are satisfied with the fact that they managed to save Alice and free her from her deal. The win of saving Alice also lifts the formerly depressed Dean's spirits.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alice is a regular human with extrodinary skills related to being a thief.

  • Expert Safe Cracker - According to Barthamus, there isn't a safe made by man that Alice can't crack. In a matter of moments, Alice was able to crack a safe that was over a hundred years old.



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