Alfie was the vessel of the angel Samandriel.


Alfie was a young fast food worker who was approached by the angel Samandriel to be his vessel so he could attend Plutus' auction and bid for the Word of God. He was chosen on the grounds that he was "the nearest vessel on such short notice".

After the auction, Samandriel (and Alfie) were kidnapped by Crowley and brutally tortured for months by him and Viggo. After rescuing Samandriel, Castiel was forced to stab him with an angel blade by Naomi, killing the angel and Alfie.



  • Dean adopted Alfie as a nickname for Samandriel after seeing Alfie's nametag on Samandriel's shirt. Samandriel himself later used Alfie's name while talking to Linda Tran.
  • Actor Tyler Johnston also portrayed Matthew Pike in the Season 1 episode Bugs.
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