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Try not to kill more than I have to, but now you and the kid are just such a big pain in my ass.
— Alden Roy to Castiel
in Golden Time

Alden Roy was a djinn who worked as a sheriff in a small town that catered to tourists.


For a number of years, Alden worked as the sheriff of a small town that catered to tourists. He didn't kill more than he needed to, feeding on tourists that passed through the area rather than locals and dumping their bodies in the nearby lake. Alden's actions went unnoticed by hunters.

In 2019, Alden's actions came to the attention of Castiel who was taking a vacation in the town when the body of one of his victims, a young local boy, was found. Posing as an FBI agent, Castiel demanded Alden's cooperation who brushed off the questions and Melly Krakowski's concerns about her missing son. After the sheriff demanded to talk to Castiel's superior, Castiel called the Men of Letters bunker where Dean covered for him and admonished Castiel for not answering his phone. Buying Castiel's cover, Alden agreed to give Castiel his case files from which Castiel learned of the other victims and quickly realized that he was dealing with a djinn.

Castiel began searching for the djinn's lair with the help of Melly, suspecting that her son had been abducted by the monster as his next victim. As the two headed for a nearby mine that Castiel suspected to be the lair, they found Melly's son Caleb who had witnessed Alden dragging a dead body to the lake and tried to record him with his phone, but discovered that he was dealing with a monster. Caleb had run and managed to escape, but broke his phone and injured his leg.

As Castiel asked if Caleb had gotten a good look at the monster, Alden showed up and stated that Caleb unfortunately had. With his gun drawn, Alden stated that he tried not to kill more than he had to, but he had to get rid of Castiel and Caleb. Castiel drew his angel blade and stated that Alden wouldn't hurt Caleb and Melly. Making his tattoos reappear, Alden shot Castiel in the heart, only to be shocked when Castiel was unharmed and the wound healed. Unimpressed, the Seraphim advanced on the djinn, disgusted with how it was always men in authority taking who and what they want with no care for who they hurt believing that their power would protect them. Though Alden shot Castiel again at point-blank range, he was again unharmed and stated that Alden's power would not protect him from Castiel before easily disarming the djinn and knocking him to the ground. As Alden watched in fear, Castiel stabbed him several times in the chest with his angel blade, killing the djinn.

Castiel subsequently dropped Alden's body in the lake and healed Caleb's injury. The encounter with Alden inspired Castiel to return to helping people rather than remaining on his vacation.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a djinn, he was a very powerful monster.

  • Hallucinogenic Touch - The djinns' main ability by touching someone, they can induce a series of delusions on the mind of their target, typically causing them to enter in an unconscious, dream-like state. Inside it, a person can re-live their deepest dreams and desires, over and over again, akin to an endless loop. These delusions can also be induced in a more mild fashion, leaving the person awake, but at the risk of having them break on a mental level due to the mix of reality and illusion. This is eventually fatal to them if they aren't given an antidote. There is also an offshoot race of Djinns, who when inducing the delusions, trap people in a dream world of their greatest fears, and feed off it. When touching their targets, they usually leave a blue mark in the shape of a handprint on the victim. If the victims are strong enough, they can break free of the delusions. Another person can also enter them through dream walking. The offshoot version of djinn's poison cannot be countered by the antidote, or possibly needs a different antidote as they are a slightly different race. The only way for the victim to wake up is to let go of their fears.
    • Pyrokinesis - When they activate their hallucination ability or feeding on their victims they form blue psychic-flames around their hand. This may also be the same energy that illuminates their eyes when using their powers.
  • Telepathy - They can read people's minds and learn their greatest desires or fears.
  • Super Strength - Djinns are notably stronger than humans, able to easily over power them.
  • Super Speed - Djinns can move incredibly fast, able to suddenly appear and ambush others.
  • Super Senses - A particular type of Djinn that feeds on fear instead of human blood, can smell human fear and can track their prey by following their scent.
  • Invulnerability - Djinns can only be killed by a silver knife dipped in Lamb blood, or extreme brain damage.
  • Shapeshifting - Djinns can change their form to pass as humans. Alden was able to cause his tattoos to disappear and reappear at will.
  • Immortality - Djinns possess a longer life span than humans and can potentially live forever.
  • Super Agility - Djinns are more agile than humans, while waiting to attack Dean three hid in a tree like birds.


He presumably possessed all the regular weaknesses of a djinn.

  • Silver and lamb blood - A silver knife dipped in lamb blood can kill a djinn.
  • Seraphim - He was no match for Castiel in combat.
  • Angel Blades - Castiel was able to kill this djinn by stabbing him several times in the chest with an angel blade.