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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Alberto Fedregotti was the name assumed by a demon that escaped through the Devil's Gate and wreaked havoc in Key West.


At some point in his life, the man later known as Alberto Fedregotti died and went to Hell where he became a demon and met his wife, Fedra. The two eventually forgot their real names and never took on demonic names of their own. Eventually, Azazel alerted the demons of Hell to be ready for when his general opened the Devil's Gate and Alberto and Fedra joined them. Upon exiting the Devil's Gate, they found both Jake and Azazel dead and were left with no one to follow. Unlike the other demons who escaped, Alberto and Fedra decided to take a vacation and possessed a married couple, Alberto and Fedra Fedregotti and took on their names. The two then traveled to Key West to relax with their very presence stirring up spiritual activity in the area. Eventually, the two decided to enact a plan to cause trouble by strengthening the spirits in the area and then bending them to their will. Alberto and Fedra kidnapped and murdered Megan Ward, using her blood in a ritual to super-charge all of the ghosts on Key West. Shortly afterwards, they kidnapped a girl named Susannah to use in a ritual to control the ghosts. After murdering Susannah, the demons started the ritual, only to be interrupted by Sam and Dean Winchester who had been drawn to Key West by their activities and located them. As the Winchesters break in and Fedra holds them off, Alberto continues their spell to control the spirits of Key West when the Last Calusa shows up. To the shock of both demons, the Last Calusa is unharmed by their spell, only being affected for a moment when Fedra joins her power to Alberto's. The Last Calusa then proceeded to fling the two demons across the room, breaking their spell and then torture them with its powers. After a failed attack by the Winchesters and Fedra, the Last Calusa effortlessly destroyed Alberto before departing. Fedra is left devastated by his death to the point of forming an alliance with the Winchesters to destroy the Last Calusa.

Powers and Abilities[]

Alberto was a regular low-level demon with all the powers of one.

  • Immortality - At the time of his death, Alberto was a few millennia old, old enough to have forgotten his real name.
  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, Alberto required a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Spell Casting - Along with his wife, Alberto was skilled at spell casting, being able to cast a spell to super-charge all of the spirits in Key West and to bend the spirits to their control.


As a regular low-level demon, Alberto had all the regular weaknesses of demons.

  • High-Tier Demons - Alberto was subservient to Azazel before his death.
  • The Last Calusa - The Last Calusa was able to easily destroy Alberto.