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Albert Chao was a leader of the San Francisco Chinatown underworld and an archnemesis of The Campbell Family and The Winchester Family for 40 years.


In 1969, due to business competition, he had a grudge against his competitors. He later invoked the The Heart of the Dragon in order to get rid his competitors. With the new found power, he killed them all. His brutal slash and burn acts caught the Campbell Family's attention, especially Mary and fellow hunter Jack Bartow and together, they hunted him and the spirit. They eventually encountered Albert at Albert's, but Albert summoned the Heart of the Dragon spirit against them. Mary and Jack later found a Chinese banishing spell. The spirit was later banished by Samuel Campbell and Jack Bartow, with the cost of the latter's life.

However, the spell just banished the spirit for 20 years. Albert later re-summoned the spirit again in 1989, but this time, John Winchester encountered Albert and the spirit. John Winchester had heard of The Heart of the Dragon spirit by his friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer and gave him a blessed katana John goes to the Shin's Delight and has his EMF detector, and when Albert passed by the EMF detector went off. He controls the spirit and even though the spirit is banished the spirit keeps him from harm and becomes immortal with the spirit possessing him. When Albert Chao realized why John was there he set the spirit after him, he failed to banish the spirit but managed to escape unharmed. John shows up again at Shin's delight, he goes in and talks to Albert. Albert sets the spirit on him, and kills the owner of shin's delight, making him become it's owner. He later administer a Japanese Spell and slashes the spirit, it seemed to work.

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon

John Winchester only banished it for another 20 years. In 2009, Albert later re-summoned him with the assistance of the witch Moondoggy Verlander with a powerful Demon Summoning spell. Unleashing him again to wreak havoc once more.

Now, Albert had become Leader of the San Francisco Chinatown underworld. Albert was now very familiar with the Winchester family. When Albert finds out that Sam and Dean have the sword their father used on the spirit, and he knows that it can destroy him and his power. He needs it. He sends two people to grab the sword from the hotel they are in. They succeed but only one comes back. They call Marcus Wallace who was an acquaintance to their father, and they knew he had some good intel on how to track the sword down. When they got a hold of him Marcus was in the hospital from a heart attack that he had, the receptionist called the ambulance. When Sam and Dean were on their way, the receptionist turned out to be a demon who wanted intel on where the sword was but Marcus didn't know until he could locate it on his laptop (Sam and Dean were on their way with it to the hospital) Demon killed him, and met up with Dean and Sam. Dean knew it was a Demon so they ran away and drove off. Albert trapped the demon in his office at Shin's Delight, demon escaped and then Albert used the spirit on him.

However, the Demons later come and they wanted to control this spirit because they are losing against the angels and they think that using this spirit will help them in the war. They need to kill Albert to have control or to convince him to give them control. Dean and Sam went to Shin's delight, and met up with everyone. They removed Albert from the office with Castiel who took him outside with him and kept him in one spot. Dean and Sam stayed in the room to fight the spirit, and when they got a hold of the sword. They later perform the Japanese Spell which performed by their father before. Sam spoke the spell and Dean stabbed the spirit in the heart with the blessed katana, releasing the spirit from its binding and banishing the demonic essence back to Hell. With The Heart of the Dragon's demise, Albert's power was not there anymore, every wound that he had encountered and was healed now re-appeared and began killing him. Sam, Dean, and Castiel later took his body to unknown location.

Powers and Abilities

Despite the fact that he was not a witch, Albert was quite a powerful magic practitioner. Most of his powers and abilities are exists due to The Heart of the Dragon possession effect. After the spirit was freed, he was no longer able to have the powers and abilities again.

  • Spellcasting - Albert was very powerful spellcaster, mainly in Chinese spells and had knowledge about Japanese spells. In his younger days, he was able to invoke the spirit of The Heart of the Dragon, his ancestor and know how to control it.
  • Pyrokinesis - Due to power granted by The Heart of the Dragon, he was able to control fire to a masterful degree.
  • Healing - Due to power granted by The Heart of the Dragon, he was able to heal any wounds and damages that are normally able to disable a human.
  • Immortality - Due to power granted by The Heart of the Dragon, he was rendered immortal due to attributes granted to him.


  • Direct Connection to The Heart of the Dragon - Albert powers mainly relied on The Heart of the Dragon' spirit. After the was spirit freed, all attributes once granted to him will be revoked, causing his old wounds re-appears and kill him.


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