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Alan J. Corbett was a member of the Ghostfacers team until he died at the hands of Freeman Daggett and later became a death echo ghost. He had a crush on Ed Zeddmore, another member of the team.

Physical Appearance[]

Corbett had short brown hair and dark blue/grey eyes. He appeared to be average height for a 23-year-old.


Corbett was kind, sweet and had a hint of shyness to him. He had feelings towards Ed Zeddmore but never admitted to them. He only wanted to help the team and had fun working with the Ghostfacers, even dressing in a uniform just to go out on a mission.


Season 3[]

Corbett as a death echo.

He was featured in Ghostfacers as an intern for the Ghostfacers team and he went on a mission with the team to the Morton house. He was on the mission to film supernatural activity for a TV show. He was later killed by Freeman Daggett when he was abducted and stabbed through the neck despite Sam’s attempts to keep him calm enough to avoid Freeman Daggett. He later returned as a death echo and helped the team, with the help of Ed, he broke free of his death echo loop and vanquished Freeman Dagget. At the end of the episode they have a memorial card at the end of their TV show marking "In Memorial of Alan J. Corbett 1985 - 2008". However, this was erased along with the entire episode’s footage due to Sam and Dean trying to protect the secret of the supernatural from the public, although Sam did find the memorial card touching.

Ghostfacers (web series)[]

Corbett was mentioned in the Ghostfacers web series with sadness by the Ghostfacers team, mainly Ed.



  • It can be said that Corbett was in fact gay as he had a crush on his team member, Ed. Towards the end of the episode Ghostfacers, his infatuation helped save the ghostfacers as Ed helped Corbett snap free of his death echo loop by being "gay for that poor, dead intern."
  • It can also be said that Corbett wasn't very good at hiding his feelings towards Ed. Harry Spangler, one of the main members of the Ghostfacers, could easily pick up on it.