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I can't believe he's gone. We were close. Best friends. Alan always said he was my big brother, cause he was born first. By like four minutes. Losing him is like losing a part of myself. I never knew it could hurt this bad.
— A grieving Eddie describes his relationship with Alan
in Prophet and Loss

Alan was a young man who was friends with the malformed Prophet Tony Alvarez.


Alan was born four minutes before his identical twin brother Eddie. Alan took his role as the older brother very seriously and was best friends with his little brother. He was also close friends with Tony Alvarez.

In 2019, Tony became a malformed Prophet due to Donatello Redfield's state of being between life and death. Driven insane by his belief that Donatello's mutterings about divine retributions were God giving him instructions, Tony began a killing spree. For his second victim, Tony selected Alan who, as the older brother, fit the description of the first born Tony believed he needed to kill. Tony stalked and kidnapped his friend, taking Alan to the Sphinx Machine Shop where he began reciting Biblical verses. Despite Alan's pleas, Tony slit Alan's throat and then carved "I am the Word" into Alan's chest in Enochian before dumping his body elsewhere.

The murders of Alan and a young woman drowned in bloody salt water by Tony drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. The Winchesters met with a grieving Eddie who helped them to identify Tony as his brother's killer. At Tony's home, the Winchesters discovered pictures of Alan both alive and dead along with Tony's Enochian scribblings and realized that Tony had targeted Alan as he fit the description of a first born. Following a clue in the pictures of Alan and Tony's other victim, the Winchesters were able to locate Tony and stop him from killing a third person. Moments before committing suicide, Tony has a flashback to murdering Alan as well as his other victim.



  • Josh Collins also played Alan's twin brother Eddie.