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Humans aren't animals. Most of them are good and true, and... how could anyone know them and not love them?

Akobel was a Seraph. He was sent to watch humanity and he was the angel who married Lily Sunder.


Akobel was sent to observe humanity and became fascinated by them. At some point, Akobel met Lily Sunder and married her. Akobel helped to raise Lily's daughter May and protect them from Ishim following their marriage.

Akobel and Lily confronting angels

Learning of Akobel's relationship with Lily, Ishim, who was obsessed with Lily, decides to murder Akobel and May in revenge. To this end, Ishim claims to his flight that May is Akobel's daughter and a Nephilim, meaning that both would need to be killed. Accompanied by his flight, including Benjamin, Mirabel,Castiel and two unnamed angels, Ishim confronts Akobel at his home in Orono, Maine. When the angels arrive, Akobel orders Lily to take May and run, knowing why Ishim is there. Ishim berates Akobel for his love of humanity, but Akobel points out that Ishim is being hypocritical and explains why he loves humans. Akobel draws an angel blade and moves to attack Ishim, but is blocked by Castiel. Castiel then reads out Akobel's "crime" of fathering a Nephilim and Ishim chokes Akobel to keep him from revealing the truth. After Castiel proclaims a death sentence for Akobel, Mirabel kills him with an angel blade. Ishim then confronts Lily for "betraying" him with Akobel and murders May in revenge.

Using Enochian magic, Lily is able to prolong her life and seeks revenge for the murders of Akobel and May. After the Fall of the Angels, Lily seizes her chance and kills two of Ishim's flight. In 2017, she hunts down the remaining four members, killing Benjamin and Mirabel. After learning the truth about Akobel's murder, hunters Dean and Sam help Lily fight Ishim who is eventually killed by Castiel. Afterwards, Lily is unsure if she will give up on getting revenge for Akobel and May's deaths as it's all she's had for over a hundred years. Castiel apologizes for his role in Akobel and May's murders, offering that if Lily still wants revenge in the future, she can take it. Lily thanked him for helping her find peace in her family's death and left.

Powers and Abilities[]

Akobel was shown to have the common powers of an Angel. Even though being a Seraph, it is unknown how his powers differ, and how they compare to his fellow Seraph Castiel.

  • Angelic Possession - As an angel, Akobel required a vessel to walk the Earth. He also required the vessel's permission.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Akobel was immortal and wouldn't die of natural causes.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Akobel was invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Supernatural Perception - Akobel could see other angels through their vessels.


Akobel was shown to have the common weaknesses of an angel.

  • Angel Blades - Mirabel killed Akobel with an angel blade.
  • Numerous Angels - In order to capture Akobel, Ishim brought his own flight. Three of them could restrain Akobel. After disarming his angel blade, Benjamin and Mirabel hold him, and finally Ishim grabbed his throat to prevent him from opposing the charges.



  • He is the first Seraph confirmed since Castiel in season 5.
  • Akobel's relationship with Lily is a rare example of angel-human romance. The others were Anna Milton and Dean Winchester, which ended when Anna made the decision to end Dean's existence in order to prevent the Apocalypse. The next one was Serafina and Adam.
    • Like Akobel, Anna had fallen in love with humanity and chose to abandon Heaven, but to the point that she gave up her life as an angel too.
    • Serafina kept Adam alive for several millennia and continues to live with him.
  • His actor previously portrayed Chris in Shut Up, Dr. Phil.

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