An Aging Spell is a spell that causes the target to inexplicably age until they are withered husks.


After killing Broomhilda, the witch's kidnapped victim Lora falls under what the hunter Jules believes to be an aging spell. Though Castiel tries to heal Lora, he is unable to remove the spell's effects. After a reversal spell supplied by Rowena MacLeod fails, Jack realizes that Lora is not under an aging spell but had been having her life force drained by the witch's amulet.


The known ingredients for the reversal spell are sage, pyrite and sheep's eye. Once most of the ingredients are mixed together, the following incantation must be spoken while adding some of the other ingredients:

"Cantamen solvatur, cantamen revertatur. Cantamen solvatur, cantamen revertatur. Cantamen solvatur, cantamen revertatur."

Once the incantation is spoken, the caster must throw in a handful of pyrite causing the spell bowl to release a cloud of purple smoke, breaking the spell.



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