Bottom line, we're not making art. We want to engineer the perfect beast. We want meat, and these zippy little honeybirds have to be bred out fast. (...) Additive 3.0 targets only the characteristics we wanna breed out.
Dick Roman explaining additive 3.0
in Survival of the Fittest

Additive 3.0 was the name given to the Leviathan's newest food additive.


It was placed in dairy creamers, and was designed to kill off humans with undesirable traits - such as low body mass and hemophilia.

Season 7Edit

Dick Roman gave a demonstration of the additive in front of all the other high ranking Leviathan at a conference. He injected a human girl Polly with a concentrated dosage of the Additive. Polly convulsed and died within a matter of seconds. Dick intended to ship the Additive to Los Angeles, but his plans were foiled when the Winchesters attacked SucroCorp.

  • Dick tests the Additive on Polly.
  • Polly dead.


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