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Adamantine is a god of electricity created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.



Physical AppearanceEdit

Adamantine takes the form of a tall woman made entirely of silver wearing a silver gauntlet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Adamantine was a god of the Apotheosis who grew to be exceptionally powerful from all the power she absorbed from other gods she killed. By the time she faced Paeon, Adamantine's sheer power was causing her to give off waves of power so strong that it was distorting her image.

  • Life Force Draining - Like all of the other gods, Adamantine can drain life force from her followers to increase her own power. By the time Renee Mendez tries to unmake Paeon and Adamantine, she has absorbed enough life force from her followers that she isn't destroyed, but just significantly depowered.
  • Electrokinesis - As a god of electricity, Adamantine's main power is the generation and manipulation of electrical current which she primarily wielded through her silver gauntlet. The strength of Adamantine's electrical power grow as she absorbs more and more power from the other gods she killed. After killing and absorbing Paeon, Adamantine is able to create a shield of electrical energy around herself to protect Adamantine from gunfire, repelling every round fired at her.
  • Reality Warping - After killing Wyld, Adamantine manages to prevent Wyld's spear from turning into part of the ball of energy that Wyld becomes so that she can used the weapon for herself.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Adamantine is extremely strong. As her power grows more and more, her level of strength grows exponentially as well. In battle against Paeon who is exceptionally powerful as well, Adamantine is a match for him in a contest of strength and power. After Renee Mendez strips the two gods of most of their power, Adamantine loses much of her incredible strength. Though Adamantine regains a great deal of strength by killing and absorbing Paeon, Sam and Dean Winchester, by working together are able to overpower Adamantine enough to force Adamantine's arm down and impale the god in the abdomen with her own gauntlet.
  • Terrakinesis - When Adamantine shouts to her followers that the time has come for the final battle, her very voice causes TechEdge to shake.
  • Telepathy (possibly) - While battling the Winchesters, Adamantine appears to read Sam's mind which he notes she may be powerful enough to do at that point.
  • Power Granting - Adamantine is able to grant her followers the ability to utilize bolts of electricity against their enemies in the war between the gods.
  • Regeneration - Adamantine is able to heal her injuries from battles with other gods, particularly after absorbing their power. After killing and absorbing Paeon the wound he inflicted with Wyld's spear heals in seconds.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Adamantine is invulnerable to most forms of harm, particularly as her power grows. Her hide is impervious to most normal weapons with knives simply breaking on contact with her skin. Even after being significantly depowered, she was barely affected by being impaled by Wyld's spear. Like all gods created during the Apotheosis, she can only be killed by her own weapon.


  • Stronger Deities - When she was weaker, Adamantine was vulnerable to stronger gods who could inflict great harm upon her.
  • Divine Weapons - Divine weapons can harm her though she could only be killed by her own weapon.
    • Adamantine's Silver Gauntlet - The silver gauntlet used by Adamantine is the only weapon capable of killing her.
  • Mythmaker Will Revocation - When Renee Mendez attempted to uncreate Paeon and Adamantine, she was able to strip them of most of their power. However, both had absorbed enough life force from their followers to only be weakened by this. Though Adamantine regained some of her power and strength by killing Paeon, her super strength remained weakened to the point that Sam and Dean were able to overpower and kill her.


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