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|name = Adam Milligan
|name = Adam Milligan
|image = [[File:Adam5x18.png|250px]]
|image = [[File:AdamS15.png|250px]]
|season = [[Season 4|4]]-[[Season 5|5]],[[Season 15|15]]
|season = [[Season 4|4]]-[[Season 5|5]],[[Season 15|15]]
|category = [[Humans|Human]]
|category = [[Humans|Human]]

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He's a Winchester; he's already cursed.
Sam about Adam
in Jump the Shark

Adam Milligan (born September 29, 1990) is the son of Kate Milligan and John Winchester, and younger half-brother to Dean and Sam Winchester. He also served as the vessel of Michael when Dean refused to accept him. After Sam successfully seals Michael, Lucifer, Adam and himself in Lucifer's Cage,[1] Sam's body is eventually rescued by Castiel and later his soul by Death, but Adam was left behind with Michael and Lucifer.[2]



John and Adam

Adam is the third son of John Winchester and the half-brother of his sons Sam and Dean. Unlike his half-brothers, Adam was not raised in the life of a hunter but was still a lot like Dean in personality. Though John would occasionally appear to spend time with Adam, Adam never really considered him his father and only acknowledged his mother as his family. 

Also, Adam was never aware of his father having other children who likewise had no idea of his existence.

Early life


In January 1990, Adam's mother met John Winchester in Windom, Minnesota when he came into the hospital where she worked as a nurse when he was injured during a hunt. Adam was born on September 29, 1990. That same year, John killed a ghoul.

Adam didn't have any contact with John until he was twelve. After the initial meeting, he had sporadic contact with John who taught him pool and poker, took him to ball games on his birthday, bought him his first beer when he was 15 and taught him to drive in the Impala. In 2009, he was a biology major and was studying pre-med at the University of Wisconsin.

Years later, seeking vengeance, the ghoul's children killed Kate and Adam Milligan and assumed their forms, hoping to lure John into a trap as vengeance for their father's murder at his hands nineteen years earlier.

According to the ghoul that took Adam's form, Adam was still alive when they took their first bite of him and described Adam as "a screamer".

Season 4

SN419 677

Adam is found dead.

In Jump the Shark, Adam calls John's cell phone in order to lure him into a trap, but the call reaches Adam's half-brothers Dean and Sam instead, as John died two years earlier. Dean and Sam discover the trick, killed the two ghouls, avenging Adam's death. They then burn the body of the brother they had never known. Despite Sam's pleas of attempting to ask Castiel to revive him, Dean insists on by saying he was their brother and died like a hunter, so he deserved the funeral of one.

Season 5

Adam Returns

Adam returns.

In Point of No Return, whilst enjoying eternity in his own private Heaven (making out on his prom night) Adam is approached by Angels who offer him the opportunity to live again and help the Archangel Michael defeat Lucifer by becoming Michael's vessel. Adam accepts after being promised his mother's return, though he is warned about his half-brothers before he is resurrected under Zachariah's supervision. He awakes beneath the ground where his funeral pyre was held and crawls to the surface to find Castiel waiting for him, the angels originally meant to greet him lying dead nearby because of him. Castiel teleports an unconscious Adam to Bobby Singer's house, much to the amazement of Sam and Dean.

Adam closeup2

Adam is skeptical of their plan.

Adam regains consciousness when Castiel engraves Enochian runes on his ribs to keep the angels from locating him. Adam formally meets his half-brothers and informs the Winchesters of the angels warning him about them and tells them of his deal with the angels and his intention to say "yes" to Michael as he'd get to see his mother again. Though they are confused as to how Adam can qualify as a vessel for Michael, Castiel deduces that because Adam is of the Winchester bloodline, he is eligible to contain Michael's essence, despite the prophecy that foretells Dean as the one and only candidate. However, Dean doesn't want him to share that fate and slips away.

SPN 0655

Adam and Zachariah.

Sam later catches Adam trying to sneak out and speaks with him. In the talk, Adam is again distant with his brother even stating he'd have settled for anything to have a father like John which leaves Sam at a loss. Adam is then put in Bobby's care while Sam searches for Dean. Meanwhile, Adam dreams of the park his mother used to take him to when he was little and is greeted by Zachariah, who insists that the Winchesters are not to be trusted and that if he cooperates with the angels he will get to see his mother again. Adam is initially doubtful, seeming to have started trusting his brothers somewhat, but agrees at the promise of seeing his mother. Adam gives Zachariah his location and the angels promptly snatch him out from under Bobby's nose.


Dean tries to save Adam

They take him to the Green Room where they had imprisoned Dean (which Dean refers to as the "Beautiful Room") and Zachariah reveals that he has been lying to Adam all along. According to him, Adam's sole purpose was to lure Dean into a position where he would have to say yes to Michael, which proves successful when the Winchesters arrive to rescue their brother, surprising Adam, as he didn't think they'd really come. As Dean helps him, Zachariah appears and tortures Adam and the sneaking Sam until Dean agrees to become the vessel, but this is a ruse as Dean provokes Zachariah into letting his guard down and uses the chance to stab him with an Angel Blade, killing him instantly.

SPN 1077

Adam's last moments with Dean.

Dean helps Adam up and tells him to move as he gets Sam up to escape the room just as Michael descends but the door slams shut behind them, trapping Adam in the room with Michael's true form. Dean smashes the door open to find the room gone, along with Adam and Michael.

In Hammer of the Gods, Dean tells Sam that they will find Adam.

Adam as Michael's vessal

The archangel Michael in Adam's Body.

In Two Minutes to Midnight, Castiel tells Dean, Sam, and Bobby that Michael is currently using Adam as his vessel, which meant Adam consented to the archangel's possession.

In Swan Song, Michael, in Adam's body, faces off against Lucifer in Kansas. When Lucifer tries to convince Michael to join him and rebel against Heaven, Michael refuses and prepares to fight his brother until Dean loudly enters the cemetery in the Impala. Upon seeing Michael in Adam, Dean says "Adam, if you are in there somewhere, I am so sorry," but Michael replies by saying "Adam isn't home right now." This causes Dean to tell Michael he's coming after him next.

Lucifer's Cage

Sam (Lucifer) and Adam (Michael) fall into Lucifer's Cage together.

Before either archangel can act, Castiel uses a molotov cocktail of Holy Fire on Michael (and indirectly, Adam), banishing him from the cemetery for a time. Lucifer then destroys Castiel for this act. As Sam regains control of his body and is about to jump into Lucifer's Cage, Michael tries to stop him and both end up falling in. Despite Sam's release from the Cage, Adam is still trapped with Michael.

Season 6

In Appointment In Samarra, Dean tries to make a deal with Death to retrieve both Sam and Adam's souls from Lucifer's Cage, but Death says that Dean can only pick one. Dean picks Sam inevitably, leaving Adam trapped in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael, where he remains now.

Season 10

In Fan Fiction, Marie's stage play of Supernatural included a student dressed as Adam as he and others sung "Carry on Wayward Son". Sam initially didn't realize who the student was imitating until Maeve told them and reminded them that he was still stuck in the cage, leaving an uneasy feeling with them.

Season 11

In The Devil in the Details, Lucifer shows Sam a memory of Sam dragging Lucifer and Michael to Hell. Adam is briefly seen as Michael's vessel in the memory.

Season 15

In Back and to the Future, the demon Belphegor stated God opened all the doors to Hell, including Lucifer's Cage. This means that a way out has been opened for both Adam and Michael, though the last Belphegor knew, Michael was still just sitting in the Cage.

Physical Appearance

Like Sam and Dean, Adam is tall and wears layers of clothes. He stands at about 6'0 to 6'1, with dark blonde hair and strands of lighter blonde. Adam has short hair, like Dean. Unlike his siblings, his eyes are blue.



Adam tells Sam of his views between blood and family

Adam is a lot like Dean. He is very sarcastic, sometimes rude, and laid-back most of the time. He even uses some of Dean's sayings such as "rat's ass" and "unbelievable" and "son of a bitch". He could be a "ladies' man" like Dean, however his attention to remembering his prom date's name suggests he may be more sentimental like Sam. Based on the fact that he graduated honors in high school and was taking biology and studying pre-med at a university, like Sam, he may also be very intelligent as well.

He is shown to hold resentment towards his father John for never properly being there for him, yet he voices that he would have liked more of a relationship with him to Sam. He was slow to warm up to his half-siblings, even stating neither of them were his family. However, he did seem to take their words about the angels into account when talking to Zachariah before realizing they were right. He was also surprised that they cared so much for him and that they'd actually tried to save him from Zachariah, calling him family despite his treatment towards them.

Unlike his brothers, Adam was more accepting of fate and destiny as he was very willing to say "yes" to Michael even knowing that his fight with Lucifer could be catastrophic, something not shared by his brothers.



  • Adam's birthday coincides with the traditional date of the Feast of Saint Michael, or Michaelmas.
  • Adam was twelve years old when John Winchester made contact with him. Mathematically, this would be the same year Sam Winchester left home for Stanford. This could also indicate that John pursued a father-son relationship with Adam to fill the void that Sam leaving made.
  • He is currently sealed in Lucifer's Cage, along with the archangel Michael and formerly Lucifer and Sam. It has been speculated by multiple characters that Adam was tortured by the archangels out of boredom and a lack of anything to vent their anger on. However, it's possible that he is simply still possessed by Michael in Hell.
  • The back of Adam's head was shown in a flash-image during the Season 8's Man's Best Friend With Benefits when Spencer Wallis hits Sam with images from within Sam's own mind.
  • Point of No Return is the only time where he appears as himself.
  • He has many similarities with his half-brothers.
    • He uses some of Dean's phrases and has a pessimistic attitude like him.
    • He is likely very smart like Sam, having been a biology and pre-med major.
    • He has a troubled relationship with his father, just like Sam and Dean.
    • He has died and been resurrected like them.
    • Zachariah notes that Adam and Dean have the same "refined palate", referring to their mutual appreciation of burgers and beer.
    • Adam has been used as a vessel for an archangel like them.
    • He has been to both Heaven and Hell like them.
    • He lost his mother like they did.


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