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I think everyone writing for this show are not only great writers, they're just like me, in that we were all fans of the show before we even got here. So it's very much a dream come true. You're writing on a show that you admire and love. Sometimes it occurs to me that I'm writing Sam and Dean and I stop myself and say, 'Oh, my God! I'm writing Sam and Dean! This is awesome!' So we were all fanboys coming into it.
— Adam Glass

Adam Glass joined Supernatural in Season 6 as a writer and supervising producer. In Season 7, he was promoted to co-executive producer and later executive producer in Season 8. After Season 10, Adam left Supernatural to become Executive Producer on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Glass has previously written episodes of The Cleaner, Cold Case, and Blue Collar Tv.


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  • Adam named the character Tasha after his own sister, he also named the character Robin after his high school sweetheart and Ruth after his grandmother.
  • Adam's favorite episode to write was All Dogs Go To Heaven and his least favorite episode to write was Defending Your Life.

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