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Ada Monroe is a main character in The Winchesters portrayed by Demetria McKinney. Ada is "a studious and sharp bookstore owner who also takes interest in the mysteries of the occult."[1]


Early life[]

When Ada Monroe first opened her shop, Henry Winchester visited in search of a book about Wraiths.

In her youth, she had an affair with the djinn Ali, whom she tried to correct from his bloodthirsty nature. The attempts were unsuccessful and the hunters killed him, but he managed to make Ada pregnant with their hybrid son, Tony Monroe. At the age of 17, Tony found out about his supernatural descent because of his awakened abilities and seeing in his mother's mind how much he scares her, he ran away from home.[2]

In 1972, after learning about the danger of a possible Akrida invasion, Samuel Campbell begins searching for the Monster Box with Ada's help, as the box is the only thing that can kill the Akrida. According to Samuel's notes, he and Ada have been looking into Men of Letters' locations everywhere. She gave him a address, said to grab the box file.[3]

The Winchesters[]

In Pilot, a demon enters Ada's shop through a floor vent in her smoke form. Spotting the demon's arrival, the frightened Ada grabs an anti-possession charm and flees, chased by the demon. As Ada runs down the stairs, the demon knocks her over, causing Ada to drop the charm and allowing the demon to possess her.

Later, in the tomb, the demon possessing Ada demands the Monster Box. Using her earlier study of the schematic, Lata manages to activate the Monster Box which exorcises the demon from Ada, draws the demon inside of itself and destroys it.

Returning to the Men of Letters clubhouse, Ada reveals the threat of the Akrida and that Samuel had sought the box as it is the only thing that can stop them, intending to use records in Savannah Men of Letters office to find where the monsters will cross over and then use the box to stop them. With Samuel still missing, Ada, John, Mary, Lata and Carlos depart for Savannah to try to find Samuel and continue his work.

In Teach Your Children Well, while the four young hunters investigate missing children in Topeka, Ada visits the Winchester Garage. Millie was hesitant and somewhat cold at first, but Ada revealed she worked with Henry Winchester. Ada gave Millie the motel where John was staying at to give Millie some peace of mind. Ada also asked for permission to take some parts of the plant growing at the facade of the garage. Millie said Ada could take the whole plant if she desired. Millie added did not know what the plant was, although she knew that Henry was the one who planted it. Ada snapped off some branches that contained leaves and flowers before revealing that the plant was Jasmine, which was used for protection.

Back in the Men of Letters workspace, Ada was about to start brewing a concoction when she received a phone call from Lata. The young hunter asked if Ada was familiar with a purple flower with eight petals and spiky leaves. Lata was about to describe the sap when she and Ada simultaneously spoke "bad honey". Ada offered to identify the flower by consulting some books but Lata declined, as the young hunter brought a lot of books with her.

Ada resumed brewing her drink, using the Jasmine she picked from the Winchester garage. Once completed, she took the cup, along with a pen and blank sheets of paper, and headed to a desk. She drank the concoction which almost immediately sent her into a trance-like state. Ada's gaze was fixed upwards and the only motion was her hand writing and drawing on paper. She later explained it to the hunters as "automatic drawing". The potion allowed her to access her subconscious and whatever remained of the demon that possessed her.


Ada is a self-taught magic practitioner, who seemed to be the less outgoing and more studious of the Monster Club. However, she is courageous and determined, being unafraid to stand up Akrida possessing Lata, in favor of saving her friend.

Physical appearance[]

Ada has curly black hair, that she often wears dread hairstyle. She is also tall and has brown eyes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ada appears to have some knowledge of the occult. She is a magic practitioner although she does not appear to follow a concrete set of knowledge and beliefs nor does she have labels like witches or shamans do. Her magic is earth-based, which earns her a great deal of scorn from other witches. However, according to Rowena MacLeod, Ada is more powerful than she knows, enough to impress even Rowena herself.

  • Automatic Writing or Psychography - Ada was able to perform psychography by drinking a potion that allowed her to access her subconscious. Using this, she retrieved more information about the Men of Letters and the Ostium.
  • Potion Brewing - She brewed a drink that allowed her to access her subconscious and any remaining part of the demon that had previously possessed her.
  • Spell Casting - Ada demonstrated capabilities to perform different spells, such as trapping a demon in a plant,[4] and a locator spell.[5]
  • Chlorokinesis - Also referenced as green-thumbed magic by witches Rowena and Naomi. When enraged, Ada is able to make a plant grow and briefly trap Rowena.[6]
  • Herbalism - Ada is well-versed in this practice. She produced nightshades seeds, tending them under the full moon. She is also able to identify jasmine (and tell Millie it was for protection) by seeing it and a rare Colombian flower, that Latika asked her about, by hearing its description.
  • Soul Restoration - When Ada sacrificed her soul to use the magic crystal Rowena gave her to save Lata, Ada and Lata were able to track down a spell grown in a flower that, given time, would restore Ada's soul.


  • Magic - Rowena knocked her down with a magical energy blast.
  • Stronger Witches - Ada was not match to Naomi and her coven.


  • Bonsai Tree (formerly) - Ada used a spell to trap a demon in a Bonsai tree. However, the Bonsai was traded to Rowena MacLeod in exchange for a crystal containing powerful magic.
  • Magic Crystal - Rowena MacLeod traded Ada a crystal full of magic Ada could power with a part of her soul to defeat the Akrida in exchange for her Bonsai tree and the demon trapped inside.


  • Ali: Ada had an affair with a djinn named Ali. He started killing people and was eventually killed by hunters, though he left Ada pregnant with their son, Tony Monroe. When asked by Mary Campbell, Ada said she'd do it all over again because she doesn't think following your heart is ever the wrong thing to do.



  • According to Slick, Ada secretly dreams of becoming a witch.
    • In the event Ada become a full witch somewhen, she certainly could be classified as a student one.
    • Despite Ada not be considered a witch in the series terms, witch Naomi referred to her as "a witch with the green thumb", although she expressed Ada is thought by witches as only an amateur, not a professional purveyor of magic.[6]
    • According to Rowena, Ada is more powerful than even she knows and has a lot more potential than Naomi and the other witches recognize, enough to impress Rowena herself who is one of the most powerful witches to ever live.
  • As seen in Teach Your Children Well, while Ada's performing psychography, that she's left-handed.
  • Unlike the rest of the Monster Club, Ada is an adult a great deal older than them who has a child about their age.