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Absence is the 18th episode of Season 14. It aired on April 11, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean continue to worry about the condition of Jack's soul.


Sam and Dean return to the bunker and call to Mary and Jack. They get no response, and Dean figures that they stopped to eat after the Hunt. They share a toast to Jack healing Sam, and Dean notes that Jack has bailed them out several times recently. He calls Mary and her cellphone on the table rings. The brothers figure that Jack and Mary left in a hurry and call Jack.

Jack stares off into space.

Sam and Dean have left voice mails for everyone who might know something. They've reached Rowena, who agrees to scry for them. Castiel calls in and confirms that Jack and Mary were together, and then says that Jack killed Felix the snake using his powers. The angel warns that Jack isn't well, and Dean hangs up and tells Sam what Castiel said. Dean figures that they have to find Jack and Mary, and Sam locates Jack's phone. He discovers that he's in Nepal, but then he disappears and reappears in Lima. Jack then flies to Paris and Madagascar.

Jack lands in front of the cabin and checks his phone messages, and then remembers Mary trying to get through to him after he closed Lucifer's portal. Lucifer steps out of the cabin in Nick's body and explains that he's actually Jack's subconscious. Jack says that he doesn't want his help and "Lucifer" tells him that there's no coming back from killing Mary. Jack insists that it was an accident, and Lucifer tells him that Jack knows better. Furious, Jack tells him to shut up and disintegrates him.

Sam and Dean drive to the cabin, and Sam wonders if Jack thought that he was being kind to Felix. Dean doesn't want to talk about it and says that they need to find Mary and Jack and then figure it all out. Sam discovers that they've lost the signal from Jack's phone and arrives at the cabin. Sam checks the cabin while Dean circles around to the back. Inside is Nick's charred corpse and he calls to Dean. When he gets no response, he goes outside to where Dean has found ash in the center of a blast site that looks angelic.

As Castiel drives to the cabin to meet the Winchesters, he remembers a Hunt with Mary at a factory.

Castiel offers to heal her if she'll let him, and Mary insists that she's okay. She admits that she still afraid of him and it's all new to him. As they prepare to drive off, Castiel tells Mary that Sam and Dean are glad to have her back and she should know that they're happy they're not alone. Mary assures him that they were never alone.

The angel arrives at the cabin and goes inside. Sam covers up Nick's body and figures that Jack did it. Castiel comes in and the brothers tell him that there's an angelic blast site out back. Dean tells Castiel that if Jack did something then it's on Castiel because he didn't tell them. Castiel says that he was scared and believed that Jack was good, and knew that he would be good for the world and for them. Then he saw Jack kill Felix, and insists that it was the absence of good. Castiel thought that he could fix it on his own so he left and didn't tell them. He admits that he failed Dean and Jack, and starts to say that he failed Mary. Dean tells him not to say her name.

Rowena calls and says that she used scrying magic to try and find Jack, but his energy is too unstable. As for Mary, all she can say that Mary is no longer on Earth. Furious, Dean smashes a chair and Sam wonders what they do. His brother says that they do what they always do when they lose one of their own, they fight to bring them back. Dean figures that Rowena can use the Book of the Damned, and tells Castiel to go to Heaven to find Mary.

Rowena is working on the spell when there's a knock at her door. It's Jack, and says that he needs magical help. He admits that he killed Mary, and explains that he didn't mean to but he thought it for a second and it happened. Jack asks Rowena to help him undo it, and Rowena explains that the magic she's used on herself has to be prepared in advance. There is a spell in the Book, and it requires extraordinary power and common ingredients in the bunker. Dean pounds on the door, and Jack figures that Rowena has been stalling him. When Sam and Dean break in, Jack and Rowena are gone.

Castiel goes to the gateway to Heaven and calls to Naomi.

Jack teleports Rowena to the bunker, and Jack remembers the past.

Mary teaches Jack how to handle a knife, and she assures him that he's doing great. She covers over the knife marks on the floor where Jack dropped the knife, and Jack walks off. Sam comes out and Mary tells him that Jack will get there. When Sam says that he feels bad focusing on finding Dean rather than Jack, Mary says that it's nice knowing she's not the only one with parental guilt. She explains that she got complicated when Amara brought her back, and parents always feel like they're failing. She assures Sam that children grow up to be the bravest and most heroic men on the planet. Mary says that kids will always surprise their parents and leaves.

Dean wonders how they keep up with Jack and wonders what to do next. He complains to Sam that Castiel should have told them, and Sam says that they all knew that Jack was dangerous. They fell for him because he had a good soul, and it's on him because he made the call to bring Jack back and Dean warned him. Dean says that they didn't know, and Sam points out that Jack was their family. After Maggie and the other Hunters died, Sam just dumped Jack on Castiel and left. He knew something would happen but not that he would kill Mary. Dean admits that he knew it as well and Donatello warned him, but Dean couldn't see it.

Rowena gathers the ingredients and tells Jack that the ingredients take time to assemble. She points out that she didn't fight Jack because he wants the same thing that she and the Winchesters want. "Lucifer" appears and tells Jack that what he's doing is sad, and asks if he wants forgiveness to ease his guilt. He says that Jack doesn't feel anything any well, and Jack tells his subconscious to shut up. Lucifer tells Jack that what he's feeling is just a fantasy and the sooner he gives it up, the sooner the phantom pain will go away. Jack knows that it's not going to work. Jack yells at the hallucination to shut up, and it disappears. He asks Rowena if she's done, and she says that there's one final ingredient: Mary's body.

Castiel says that he's not going anywhere until Naomi talks to him. Duma appears and says that where Naomi is is none of his business. Castiel explains that he's looking for Mary, and Duma says that Mary is at peace. She explains that Mary died instantly and is complete in a special Heaven. Duma says that Castiel and the Winchesters may not be complete, but Mary is.

Jack takes Rowena to the cabin and confirms that there's nothing but ash, and he insists that Rowena will make it work. Rowena tells him that she can't, and Jack insists that he'll do it himself. She warns him that he's out of control and whatever he brings back won't be Mary. Jack asks Rowena to help him and she refuses. He slams her back, teleporting her back to her study. Rowena calls Sam and tells them what Jack is planning. She warns that in Jack's state, he'll bring back something terrible.

Jack casts the spell using the ash and a portal opens in the sky.

Sam and Dean drive to the cabin.

Jack continues chanting the spell and sees the Winchesters arrive. He stops the engine with a thought and the brothers realize that Jack is responsible. They get out and run the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Lighting flashes down out of the portal and hits the ground in front of Jack. Sam and Dean arrive, and Jack tells them that the spell didn't work. He teleports away and they run to where Mary's body is lying on the ground. Dean cradles the body in his arms, and Sam kneels beside him.

I a memory, Dean drives through the night in the Impala, Mary sleeping on his shoulder.

Sam puts a hand on Dean's shoulder and the brothers mourn.

Jack teleports to a factory, and Lucifer tells him that it's worse trying and failing. He says that Jack realizes that there's no going back now because the others will never trust him again, which means that Jack can never trust them.

Later at the bunker, Sam looks at photos of their family. Castiel comes in and tells Sam that Mary is in Heaven and at peace. Dean joins them and Castiel explains that Duma let him into Heaven and he saw Mary in her Heaven, with John and no guilt. Sam tells Castiel that what Jack brought back was just a shell incapable of holding life. They hold a Hunter's funeral for Mary's body, burning it on a pyre along with her belongings.


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  • The episode was watched 1.47 million viewers and had a 0.4 rating.
  • This episode marks Rowena MacLeod's 30th appearance on Supernatural. She is the second most recurring female character on the series, behind Mary Winchester (34 episodes).
  • It is confirmed in this episode that Jack did kill Nick and Mary in Game Night.
    • When Mary first died, she was killed by Azazel, a yellow eyed demon. Now, she died the second time in the hands of Jack Kline, a golden eyed nephilim.
  • The show's tradition of killing off a recurring character 3 episodes before the season finale continues as Mary Winchester's death is confirmed in this episode.
  • Jack is having hallucinations of Lucifer. This is similar to what happened to Sam Winchester in Season 7.
  • On Jack's phone, Castiel's nickname is shown to be spelled Cass.
  • Jack flew to Nepal, Peru, Paris, and Madagascar.
  • Castiel's truck appears in a flashback to a vampire hunt Mary and Castiel embarked upon together not long after Mary's resurrection.
  • Duma confirms Mary Winchester is in Heaven.
  • Castiel reveals that he's known Jack has been soulless since he witnessed Jack kill Felix the snake in Peace of Mind.
  • The Book of the Damned contains a resurrection spell called the Necromantiorum.
  • On a rare occasion, the full effects of a teleportation are seen when Jack and Rowena teleport into the bunker.
  • John Winchester is confirmed to have made it to Heaven after escaping from Hell in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2. In Dark Side of the Moon, Ash told the Winchesters he could not locate John in Heaven. John and Mary now share a special Heaven where they are happy together.
  • The revelation that John and Mary share a Heaven together suggests that they are soulmates.
  • At the end of the episode, its shown that Mary's initials have been added to the bunker's table at some point. Sam and Dean had carved their initials in The Memory Remains.
  • Heaven opens its gates for the first time since Naomi closed it in Funeralia.


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  • Hungarian: Hiány (Absence)


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