The Abrogation Ritual, also known as the Devla, is a ritual that turns back complex mechanical processes and resets equipment and machinery.


When the Romani people were forced to assimilate in Europe, they used the Abrogation ritual as an act of rebellion against their persecutors. The ritual and its history would eventually come to be recorded in books in the Men of Letters bunker.

In 2017, after being trapped in the bunker to die by Arthur Ketch, Sam Winchester located the spell as a possible means of breaking the deadly lockdown. While he, Dean and Lady Toni Bevell weren't virgins, they were able to use a purification ritual to get the needed virgin blood. When the spell was cast by Toni, it was initially successful but ultimately failed as Arthur had added a mystical dampener to the lockdown.


The ritual requires some fairly basic ingredients, but also that the mechanisms be anointed with the blood of virgins. This blood can be gotten through a ritual.

Once the blood and all of the other ingredients have been added, the caster must sprinkle an unknown ingredient over the others in the bowl and chant:

Farmichi, farmichi, mashuna parra, mashuna parra

After the spell is recited, the mechanism the spell is being used on will immediately reset.


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