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*Nelson Leis, who portrayed Abraxas and his [[vessel]] Jeff, also portrayed the [[angel]] [[Esper]] in [[Season 8]]'s ''[[The Great Escapist]]''.
*Nelson Leis, who portrayed Abraxas and his [[vessel]] [[Jeff]], also portrayed the [[angel]] [[Esper]] in [[Season 8]]'s ''[[The Great Escapist]]''.
[[Category:Minor Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]

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Abraxas was a demon loyal to Lucifer who brutally murdered Nick's family.


Abraxas was a demon known to and loyal to Lucifer.

In 2009, after the Apocalypse began, Lucifer ordered Abraxas to kill someone's family in order to prepare a vessel for him when Sam Winchester was unavailable. Abraxas chose Nick of Pike Creek, Delaware, a choice he made simply by throwing a dart at the phone book. Nick's wife Sarah spotted Abraxas and called the police to report a prowler. When beat cop Frank Kellogg arrived, Abraxas introduced himself then possessed the man. In Frank's body, Abraxas brutally murdered Sarah and her son Teddy with a hammer before leaving Frank in his police cruiser and departing his body. As planned, Lucifer was able to use the murders to manipulate Nick into becoming his vessel.

In 2018, after the death of Lucifer, Nick began seeking out his family's killer for revenge, eventually tracking down Frank Kellogg. Frank told Nick of his encounter with Abraxas outside of Nick's home and his memory lapse before waking up in his cruiser covered in Sarah's blood. Nick realized that Lucifer knew the name Abraxas and that Abraxas was a demon who had possessed Frank to murder his wife and son. Nick recognized that the murders were not Frank's fault, but beat him to death in revenge anyway as it was his hands that Abraxas used to murder Sarah and Teddy.

Along with another demon, Abraxas brutally slaughtered a Girl Scout troop only to be confronted by hunter Mary Winchester, saving a single member of the troop from the slaughter. Abraxas proved to be too strong for the hunter to handle so she trapped him in smoke form inside of an Enochian Puzzle Box that Mary then hid in her lock-up. Though the other demon escaped, she witnessed Abraxas' capture.

In 2019, Nick's rampage of revenge led to him capturing and torturing the demon Abraxas had been working with before his capture. The demon pointed Nick towards Mary who Nick then kidnapped to find Abraxas. Mary reluctantly led Nick to her lock-up where he kidnapped a security guard named Jeff to be Abraxas' vessel in order to be able to speak with the demon and get answers for his family's murders. Nick broke open the puzzle box with a drill, releasing Abraxas who immediately possessed Jeff, but was contained by a devil's trap. Nick demanded answers from Abraxas who was surprised to learn who Nick was and that Lucifer was dead. Abraxas offered Nick answers if he would kill Mary "slow and bloody" as Abraxas held a grudge against her for locking him in a box.

As Nick went to comply, he was interrupted by Sam, Dean and Donna Hanscum. Desperate to get answers, Nick used an angel blade to break the devil's trap around Abraxas. Pleased, Abraxas broke the ropes tying him to a chair and telekinetically slammed everyone to the floor. Abraxas then revealed to Nick that he had murdered Nick's family on Lucifer's orders, taking enjoyment in taunting that Nick was chosen but not special. Dean began an exorcism on the demon, but Abraxas flung him into a shelf with telekinesis, calling Dean "naughty." Abraxas tauntingly asked who would die first and advanced on Mary. Before he could get far, Nick seized the demon's moment of distraction, grabbed him from behind and shoved Abraxas to his knees. Nick then stabbed Abraxas in the chest with his angel blade, killing the demon and avenging his family.



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