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I'm not a wise man, Gadreel. But I know this. The key to happiness? It's getting the one thing you want most and never letting it go.
— Abner

Abner was formerly an imprisoned angel, who fell from Heaven due to Metatron's spell. After the fall, Abner took possession of an abusive father named Alexander Sarver and decided to live a human life with Sarver's family as he found happiness in a human life.

Under Metatron's orders, Gadreel killed Abner.



Abner described himself as a crappy angel and petulant, he spent 700 years in Heaven's prison for abandoning his post. During his imprisonment, Abner was abused by the angel guard Thaddeus for countless of centuries but also befriended fellow inmate Gadreel. From the talk between Gadreel and Thaddeus, it was implied that Abner received extreme torture from Thaddeus.

After the fall of the angels, he took possession of Alexander Sarver in Sommerset, Pennsylvania. Abner was nicer and more loving, and both his vessel's daughter and her mother came to adore the "new" Alexander.

When Alexander's family went to see a movie, Abner and Gadreel had a long conversation about the current state of things. He forgave all past wrongs, was content with his new human life, and refused to follow the path of revenge and conquest with Gadreel. This did not suit the embittered angel and he bitterly killed Abner, along with Delilah's father Alexander.

Abner's death.




  • When Abner came to Earth and possessed a human, he grew so attached to the family that he stayed and overtook the role of father that the man had previously been neglecting. The name "Abner" is Hebrewic and means "father of Light."

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